Any monkeys need M14 mags????

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by Hispeedal2, May 21, 2010.

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    I have magazines for sale. I would like to sell them as sets to save me some trouble shipping. Prices are for all magazines in a set. I will do a flat $7 shipping charge for all. I take discreet PayPal or Postal Money Order. All magazines are in good working order. Most have a paint penned number on the bottom for identification (a little oil will take care of it).

    Anyone who owned an M1A during the ban will recognize these type 57 Taiwanese mags. They function great. Made of blued steel. They were the only affordable, working mags on the market then (besides expensive USGI). Post ban, CMI came along and the war started mags into production again. These are still great mags. 10 mags for $177 shipped.

    These are new CMI USGI mags. Never used. 7 mags for $147 shipped.
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    These are all pre-CMI mags. Manufacturers include BRW, Winchester, OM, and some others I don't recognize. All are USGI. Two have remnants of removable spray paint that should come off with time (hardly noticeable). Most appear brand new. Some have insertion or storage marks. All are in great shape. 11 mags for $337 shipped.

    ETA: Here are some additional pics of the spines of the old school USGI mags. All are USGI. Only one wasn't visible under the camera (the 7th mag)- to describe it, it looks like a big "K" with a little "M" above it, a "T" to the right, and "CO" below it. All are USGI.
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    Prolly interested in the cheaper mags; I would feel too bad about modifying them to work in my AR10. I got plenty of USGI mags and can't bring myself to notch them. I'll get up with you towards the first of the week.
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    Are these still for sale?

    I am interested.

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    I have 5x BRW mags for $155 shipped and the CMI mags are still available.

  5. Hispeedal2

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    5 BRW mags still available- $155 shipped :)
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    How close are you to Scotsdale(Phoenix)??
  7. Hispeedal2

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    PM sent.
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