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Any RAT fans out there?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by wlpitbull, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. wlpitbull

    wlpitbull Monkey++

    I personally love there knives.


  2. 80sParatrooper

    80sParatrooper Monkey+++

    Love my RAT 5!!
  3. tiny80022

    tiny80022 Monkey+

    Absolutely love my izula
  4. KHAN

    KHAN Monkey+++

    I've got a RAT folder that does well. Used it to clean some Brookies yesterday as a matter of fact. Good knife!
  5. 2Munkeez

    2Munkeez Monkey+

    a couple weeks back, i got an ESEE 5 (formerly the RAT RC5) and i have to say i'm pretty impressed with it's versatility. there are knives i like more, but if i was only able to keep ONE knife, it'd be this one. in fact, it's my EDC.
  6. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    I just bought 2x RAT7. One for each of my daughters. I need to polish up the edges on both this weekend...

    My oldest did get a chance to use hers this weekend at a camping trip. Works well.
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