Any stores emptied near you?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Harbin, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Looking for any "on the ground" reports near you of stores being emptied out by either customers or "other". I've been reading tons of forum posts and while my tinfoil hat may be on tight enough to cut circulation to my brain, I've read in a few places that stores clerks have been told to remove all semi-auto rifles. I'm hoping this is just fear mongering, but would like some kind of confirmation. I wouldn't be surprised to see some prices gouging on things that may get banned, but I don't see how anyone could be told not to sell a certain type of weapon by any .gov without an official ban going into effect. In light of recent events my wife has said she is going to pursue a ccw permit, so we plan to head to a shop on Saturday to find her a weapon- I'm hoping they aren't cleared out.
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    Found a little more info here. Looks like sales are through the roof.

    Everything I read about that horrible incident in CT says the AR was in the truck of the car. Why do they keep saying it was used in the shooting? I thought he used handguns.
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    it was a shotgun in the car not the bushmaster....
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    My son checked the PX at Camp LeJuene and all AR's were sold out along with ammo and mags.
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    empty here in Tulsa ..went to Academy the guy I usually do business with at the gun bar said the FBI computers have been down for 2 days. All .22 ammo and .223/5.56 is gone in All of the stores that I have been to. Also all AR's are gone.I'm going to go see if I can find some stripped lowers just in case.
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    Personal finances won't allow me to buy more guns right now, and I truly don't 'need' any. Ammo - got heavily into handloading during the runup to the 2008 Immaculate Deception, so haven't bought store ammo in years. Have not been looking llately. I have enough stored away, along with components to last the rest of my shooting life.
    These types of self-inflicted shortages are exactly why I began loading my own, in bulk. I would have not been able to shoot thru 2008-2009 had I not done so. Same in the coming months. If you haven't stocked up by now, it may be too late for many calibers.
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    I don't know about sold out, but I called my firend's shop the other night to inquire about the stuff I ordered THREE weeks ago, and he told me to call back later- it was too busy to talk and he needed to use the phone to run the PICs.
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    check 2 pawn shops in Lousiana
    1 was sold out but had 2 coming in i asked him what kind he said "dont know i just told them to send me whatever they had in a AR15"

    the other shop had 5 or 6 on the shelf
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    Yup pretty much all the distributors are out.. was told that manufactures of components are not even saying when they can cover the orders...
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    Essentially, all excess weaponry the left would like to ban has been purchased by people worried about the high likelihood of a ban. So, really, all the left has accomplished is to get as many arms/bullets into people's hands as could be possible short of giving the stuff away.

    This shooting has really revealed things about where people and companies stand regarding the 2nd Amendment. For example, I probably won't buy anything from CTD in the future . . . that's even if they remain in business after the proverbial dust settles.

    Think about it, all of those guns that have been bought . . . the .gov can't get them back . . . UNLESS 0bama comes out with a XO banning ownership semi-autos that look like Army guns. This same situation is basically how England was disarmed.

    I just hope some States have the stones to say "F U".

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    I'm trying to figure out how to delete my account! Too many other great providers of products out there, local, internet. All they really have accomplished is make Strong 2A supporters flush with FRN's

    I had stuff in my basket for an after Christmas Shopping spree. Yep, deleted the items and will get them elsewhere.
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    I have shooting friends in about 12 states and local shelves are empty. They will pass a ban but ignore the root cause so the senseless killings will continue.
  13. Quadfather

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    I got an email from CTD saying that they stopped selling weapons because they sold out of their stock and are now resupplied. Ok I may buy that. It doesn't explain the price gouging of magazines and ammo for an AR though.
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    yea, all the shops around here are vacant of ARs and Mags. one shop had some stripped lowers and had plenty of handguns. said business was great, but he's worried about next christmas if he will even be in business. i did buy 2 for myself that were planned purchases for later next year. (a concealed carry pistol and a shotgun)
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    At Wally World the 5.56s are gone but the Sig .22 long rifle is in stock. Perception can be a deciding factor so maybe the "look" of the Sig in .22 will help some.
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    CDNN / Target Sports catalog came today. Attempted their website.

    Unfortunately there will be some orders that cannot be fulfilled due to inventory shortages. We Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are doing our best to fill all orders that we can.YOU MAY CALL 800-588-9500 TO PLACE AN ORDER. OUR PHONES HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMED AS WELL AND YOU MAY EXPERIENCE DELAYS IN GETTING THROUGH!
    All employees are coming in early and staying late to process orders as fast as we can. CDNN Appreciates Your Patience and Continued Business!

    Can someone say panic buying?

    I'm going to say that this is what a food riot is going to look like when they end food stamps.
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    Well, they are basically out of stock there ;0
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