Any suggestions on a california legal .308 ?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by hartage, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. hartage

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    The issue we have here are legalities.... Take for example the keltec the rest of the country can have one that has a pistol grip and folding stock and the gun can fire in the folded position. To be cal legal our version cannot have a pistol grip which kills it's cqb flexibility among other things. The stock cannot be folded and the gun fire in the folded position. So ours can fold but our trigger group is in the stock so folded the gun cannot fire.

    The second I buy any CA legal gun and change anything on it even just putting on a flash supressor makes it illegal.

    But the M1A looks to be what I'm looking for even in it's CA legal config. I'm sure I'll be an owner at some point in the future. Lol faster if I hear there are laws in the pipe that will ban that too.
  2. RightHand

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    Although you can't have the flash suppressor, I believe you can install a muzzle brake.

    CA does have laws which make it difficult, sometimes next to impossible to to configure the M1a to your liking but as I said, it depends on how you want to us it. If it is your preference to build a commando style semi-auto weapon, move because it won't happen in CA. If, however, you want a reliable weapon for competition, range time, hunting in the mountains, you should be able to work that out. Even CT has limits on what is legal on "assault weapon". As an example, on our AR's we can have a FS and a Bayonet lug but no pistol grip, or a FS and a piston grip but no Bayonet lug. No more than 2 assault upgrades are allowed. Add the 3rd and the weapon becomes illegal. We can't trick a gun out to the max. The logic of that escapes me and don't get me started on legal trigger groups.
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    Come on. We all know that the vast majority of AR bayonettings are done with those evil pistol grip configurations. :eek:

    They're just trying to save lives. :rolleyes:
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    I agre and think the Garand will be the last batle rifle they try to grab mainly because of Magazine capacity and If you look yo can find one redone in .308 although 30.06 is its best configureation.
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    I would look to an M1A in a long range configuration. If you don't want to build, get a CA legal NM model- it would be a good start. I would change my way of operating in CA based upon the fact that I cannot own any decent short-intermediate range weapons- get distance between you and the aggressors. There are several options for stocks these days that will help with accuracy. I would look at a good mount like a Sadlak and get as many 10 rd magazines as possible.

    CA Legal NM M1A w/ CA legal Compensator
    JAE-100 Stock in your color of choice
    Plenty of 10 rd mags
    Unitize gas system and prep for using 175 gn rounds in the future
    A good steel scope mount
    Leupold Mk IV Tactical Scope- I like the 3.5-10x40 with Mil-Dot

    This will give you a faster than bolt action operation with the accuracy damn near a bolt action.

    ETA: Learn to use a pistol out to 75 yds. It can be done. This will take care of your close range issues. I would rather have a carbine for close up work, but I can use a pistol with enough effectiveness. You may choose a CA legal pistol of 10 rd capacity in a flat shooting caliber- .357 Sig or better yet- 10mm. Get several 10rd magazines.
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