any vets here talk to the docs before returning?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Sep 23, 2007.

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    One of the sad things to me is that the NRA is saying its good law because it would create a way for folks to appeal their status of not being able to buy if they can get through all the red tape.....kind of like the one that was already created when we first got the NICS check and was later defunded so that people COULDN'T appeal.
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    The goal is not to ban firearm ownership for vets who have been diagnosed with PTSD, it is just one more tentacle on the anti-gun octopus. Through continuous erosion of 2nd amendment rights, by attempting to legitimize their own codes and acts of Congress, the establishment will ultimately have numerous "target groups" who cannot own firearms, to include most typical gun owners. The general idea is not to completely eliminate all gun ownership at first, but through gradual change and acceptance with time, coupled with an ever-increasing difficulty for any person to purchase guns, will eventually create a society that will purposefully live without personal firearms. By removing the need for firearms (increased hunting regulations, making sport hunting seem barbaric and useless) and with target groups that cannot purchase guns, the stage is then set for the final adaptation of the society to accept an even more imposing police state.

    Naturally, the citizens who still favor gun ownership will resist and continue to do so. But, by turning these individuals into criminals, and by their own isolationism and separatist perspectives (not typically following the general concensus and status quo, majority) these people will slowly dwindle. Additionally, making dissent illegal without permit, by discouraging large assemblies, and by turning patriotism into acts of terror, the establishment will ensure that there will be little or no resistance to more imposing legislation and increased police control. Finally, as it stands right now, younger generations of citizenry who have become indoctrinated into the anti-gun philosophy will serve to strengthen this continued campaign against gun ownership. Gun owners are facing an uphill climb, and constantly lose footing because they are being attacked from numerous directions.

    Of course, the ultimate goal is to permit the adaptation of radical changes which will continue the support of a police state, possibly to the extent of openly declared martial law. This could then open a few doors. One door leads to absolute tyranny, and the other leads to a foreign invasion. There are others, I am certain...
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    You are right on the money, that’s what I’ve been saying for years.
    For example:
    Introduce wolves in the areas with dwindling Elk and Deer herds.
    Get the herds down to levels where hunting won’t be allowed.

    They banned the use of hounds for Cougar and Bears here and their population is exploding and the Elk and Deer herds are going down even smaller numbers.
    They banned the use of bait for Bears and they are taking a big toll on the Elk calf numbers.
    Our hunter numbers dropped like 14% this year in the first part of the year, then the numbers were said to be a 24% drop in hunter numbers, they are winning their fight and our ranks are just handing it over to them.
    In reality hunters numbers are the majority in the battle against anti gunners.
    Do away with them………….
    I joke and say I wish Hillary would get elected, when deep down inside I sort of do.
    That might be our only chance at some radical laws and Bill get the head of the UN and we can get on with exercising our second amendment right like our forefathers had the vision to see it coming.
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    I said the same thing about voting for Gore. Lets stop pussy footing around with pro-gun/anti-gun BS... Vote for Hillary, let her try to take them all and lets see what happens.

    Bring it on[beer]
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    Let me toss in a little conspiracy theory here. If as a government you had plans to do away with personal freedoms and create a dictatorial police state then who wouold you want to disarm?

    How about combat trained veterans, sworn to defend the constitution against enemies foriegn AND domestic?

    I have said jokingly that if Ron Paul doesn't get the Repub nomination that I would vote for Hillary. But , deep down, I am not entirely joking.

    Might take a dose of left wing liberal gun grabbers to wake up this nation.
    The Patriot and Militia movement was at it's peak during the Clinton years.
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    This is exactly why when I talk to my military docs I keep the conversation strictly on the medical questions. You don't need to know my frame of mind to give me motrin for lower back pain. When I got back from Iraq the second time they handed me a "mental health survey" which I tossed in the trash....three weeks later my OIC was asking why it hadn't been filed out and turned in. I told him that my medical interactions were none of his business as long as I maintained my world wide deployability status.
    Well, all that did was get me refered to the mental health clinic where I was required to sit down and discuss my feelings about the survey and my general mental health with a psychologist...scary to think that my personal privacy concern could have gotten me banned from purchasing guns. After reading that article though it makes perfect sense. Military member, two Iraq tours, numerous firearms registered with the base, privacy "
    nut" of course they would want to take away my guns.
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    That was my first thought, its gonna keep folks who could really use help from asking for it out of fear of a documented lifelong stigma.
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    i am a former member of the us rangers who was discharged on a pyscological disorder for liking and doing my job i think that i scared them when on fridays nights i would camo my face put in cadence tapes and spit shine my boots soon after i had a visit with the docs and then found myself ets with no support from the world
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    I just got a NRA-ILA report tonight that disproved this. I deleted the email before seing this, so no link, but you can't be barred for being accused of or even diagnosed with anything, you have to be adjudicated for such.
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    Good. Thanks for posting that...... not that I have anything to worry about. [loco][loco][loco][loco][loco]
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    Tell then your OK. Don't go to the docs there. They want men to fight for them but not against them for being tratiors to everything vets have died for in the past. VA hospitals will slowly kill you so they don't have to pay benefits. Many vets have verified this.The DU exposure is already doing that already. Disposable soldiers.
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    Damn Bat1, why didn't you post this a couple days ago, before I made my dental cleaning visit with the VA! Now I am going to die!
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