Anybody consider a post SHTF economy?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Akheloce, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Akheloce

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    I'm familiar with stocking up on precious metals, and trade goods, but eventually all that will run out. Eventually, a free market will emerge, with people trading goods and services. Have any of you considered a long term product or service that you can provide?

    Me personally, I have a huge amount of raspberries on my property, which I've dabbled in making wine from. It's not a top shelf Bordeaux, but doesn't taste too bad. I'm sure that it would make a good commodity later down the road.

    Some other ideas that I think would be valuable would be reloading, food production consulting (helping people farm and garden who never have before), of course medical services and schooling.

    Any other ideas?

    Edit: I saw the other thread in "what you can offer your survival group"
    This thread I guess overlaps that one in subject matter... but I was thinking more along the lines of instead of what you can offer a group, as far as your skills, is what would work to offer as more of a home business... like something you can work on now as a more informal business, that doesn't require the niceties of modern technology.
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    Although the thread got a little off topic, there is an interesting discussion in "What skills could you offer to a survival group"

    The ability to offer skills and produce marketable products is always something to consider, whether one is part of a group or going it solo.
  3. Akheloce

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    Ehh, reading that other thread a little more, I guess that most of what I was getting at was already hashed out :oops:
  4. ghrit

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    Most doesn't mean all. By all means add to it if something pops into mind.

  5. Blackjack

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    I'd be willing to bet that your homemade wine is better (to my tastebuds) than any "top shelf Bordeaux".

    About all I can offer are skills. Lots of city folk here in the burbs that don't know how to do anything.
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  6. Tracy

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    Let us (okay... Me) know when you start selling the raspberry wine.[booze]

    Hey! Look! You're already starting your customer list. ;)
  7. tommy20/69

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    what would you use for sugar?? my dad makes wine and i know he uses alot of sugar and if a shtf comes around sugar would be hard to come by.we live around alot of sugarcane fileds here in south louisiana so we could probably get by makin our own sugar.
  8. Akheloce

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    Most recipes you see call for sugar, but I made a batch with just yeast (from a sourdough starter) and raspberries... like I said, it wasn't the best in the world, but it did work, and didn't taste too bad. I imagine that honey would make a good substitute... there's a few beekeepers around here. Without the sugar, it really did taste ok... just not as sweet. Once a few batches got made, I imagine the starter yeast would begin to sweeten (keep the leftovers from batch to batch).

    I'm certainly not a winemaking expert, but I imagine I could come up with a decent product after a few trial and errors.
  9. RightHand

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    My mom used to make some great dandelion wine. She added lots of carrots and oranges that provided a high sugar content. I still have a few bottles stashed away.

    We also used the dandelion greens for salads - tastes much the same as the Italian Chicoria my former FIL grew. A little olive oil and garlic mmmmmm. The both have a lot more flavor than lettuce.
  10. tommy20/69

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    depending on where you live sinse you like to make wine you might wanna maybe plant you some fruit trees too.
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