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  1. Seacowboys

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    For finding hidden, wounded or lost persons
    For locating a hot point

    The Life Finder is an extremely accurate and sophisticated piece of equipment. It detects even the slightest changes in thermal signatures. The Life Finder detects humans and other types of heat sources, day or night. See its specifications

    Multiple applications : A life Finder unit has been used in each of the following applications (taken from the manufacturer's documentation)

    Search and Capture: Five escaped convicts were captured via helicopter search. There has been over 21 captures where suspects fled into woods and hid. Some captures were after dog teams failed

    Search and :Rescue: Two lives were saved via helicopter searches. The Smoky Mountain park rangers average seven rescue per week year round and three of them are chase downs (hypothermia makes a person paranoid).

    Grave Site Locations: A Life Finder was used in Mississipi to locate a serial killers's grave sites of two teenagers who had been buried for about two weeks and a 52 year old man who had been buried for over one month : the decaying bodies temperature rises to 40°C.

    Hot Spots and Bodies in Room Pile Search:Simply stand in the door and scan the room. The Life Finder penetrates smoke and the dark

    Game Warden Use: A shot in the night is heard. The Warden can use the Life Finder to locate the hidden suspect, the animal he shot and the gun used (the gun barrel will retain heat for several minutes).

    High Speed Car Chase: In a high speed chase the suspects park along a street or in a parking lot with many other cars. An officer with a Life Finder can drive by and quickly scan all parked cars to locate the ones with the hot tires or engine.

    Hidden Fires : Hidden fires in walls and above ceilings can be quickly located.

    Under Water Searches: From 50 meters away the Life Finder can detect and track a diver 5 meters under water.

    Earthquake Rubble Search: Heat from buried victims rises and they can be located.

    LED and audio output
    10 segment LED bar graph display
    supplied hearphone
    Sensitivity : 0.1°C
    Batteries : One 9-Volt alkaline battery(6LR6), lasting 15 to 20 hrs of operation, 100 hrs in audio operation
    Weight : 260 g (w/battery)
    Size : 15.2 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm
    Case : black injection molded ABS
    Range : maximum range typically averages several hundreds meters, 100 m in mature woods. Range varies according to weather and terrain conditions.
    Black cordura belt pouch
    supplied with each Life Finder
    Item # BO-101
    A BTG Product [​IMG]
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    When you're wondering if there's anyone out there.
  3. melbo

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    Seems like we got JC Refuge to carry these for us as a group buy and then no one bought any from him.
  4. Blackjack

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    Cabela's (I think it was) has a version of these for finding downed game. I was going to buy one a couple years ago to help me retrieve doves from the field stubble and brush, but then I read in the Indiana DNR laws that it was illegal.

    Go figure.....
  5. DesertDawg

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    I have one that's similar to that. It works best at night, when it's cooler. I tracked a heat source for about an hour, with the LED and audible signal starting at the "low" zone, eventually working up to the "hot" zone....and found a mama coyote nursing her young'uns in a den! As I backed away, mama growled, but didn't stir! I paced the distance back to where I had gotten the initial signal, and it was about 200 yards!

    I also picked up a signal that turned out to be a Mojave Green Rattlesnake, at about 50 yards. From that, I had to assume that the thermal detection works better on larger/hotter heat sources at greater distances.

    During the daytime, the signals were "false readings" from large flat rocks and other items that heated up more than the surrounding dirt and shrubbery.

    It's really an easy system to calibrate. Turn it on, point it toward a cool/cold object (or in the air at night), and adjust the squelch/LED's to the "low" zone. Then, to test it, point it at a heat source. The audible signal and the LED's should increase in strength immediately.

    I'd like to see someone incorporate a thermal detector (not thermal imaging....would cost too much) with a good 1x-zoom-to-4x night vision goggle AND something like the "Bionic ear", which enhances noise decibels.
    Great for walking at night without using a flashlight!
    I've darn near stepped on rattlers at night, unable to discern if they're tree limbs or snakes through the NV goggles. With the thermal detector, you'll realize that snakes are NOT cold-blooded....and tree limbs don't coil before they strike!
  6. Seacowboys

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    I've had one now for a couple of years and still am finding uses for it. I orginally bought it as a safety device in case someone went overboard on the Lana but since, have used it in a number of different applications, including locating hot-spots on a burning ship and capturing a prowler around one of my neighbor's house when he ran into the woods to hide.
  7. mage2

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    Where did you pick it up at and what was the cost. This does seem like it could be useful.
  8. AlterEgo

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