Anybody interested in Mohave County, AZ?

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    Hi everybody. We have a 40 acre parcel in the Aquarius Mountains of northwestern Arizona. We are considering selling it to help finance our current Alaska homestead project. If you look for parcels in that area you will find a great deal of cheap land. Ours is better than many (my opinion), at 5000' elevation, with maintained dirt road access, 12 miles off of Hwy. 93 north of Wikieup. Kingman is 38 miles away, including the dirt road portion, via Hwy. 93 and I-40. If you look for Snow Mountain on Google Earth you will be looking right at it. Property is located on BullSpring drive and sits on a saddle on the south side of Snow Mountain. Water is deep there and wells are costly (600 feet..or less?). This is not good land in terms of farming or harvesting nature's bounty. It is however beautiful, with an arid climate and expansive views.

    Price will be below $1000/acre. Possible owner financing through title company/escrow account (not a land contract) with significant down payment.

    At this time I would like to know if there is anybody interested in something like this. I'll be happy to talk pertinent details with anybody that wants more information.

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    I'm kind of familiar with the general area.

    From Google earth the topography looks pretty intriguing. There's a long saddle on the south side of Snow Mountain. Do you happen to have the Long and Lat on your Lot?
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    I don't know the coordinates, but it straddles that saddle, on the south side of Bull Spring drive and partially up the north side of the butte to the south of the property. I will look at my deed to see if the legal description might contain more precise info. I have located the survey medallions before.

    Edit: No coords on my paperwork but on the Mohave County tax map it is parcel #253- 02- 088
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    so, just a heads up, this area is rife with subsistence living, not that there is anything wrong with that but the kind of ppl who live there now are the thieving kind.... does the land have water? if not you have to haul it in that desert country.

    I don't think these were a good idea when they did them and even worse after several years, AU is a section per head (AU = animal unit per year) so 40 acres, unlike in the Midwest or back east won't sustain a goat even.
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    See if I can find it in the Mohave County records somewhere. Your Deed should also contain a legal description, including Township and Range.
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    Township 19N, Range 12W, Section 1.

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    Ganado, by subsistence living are referring to unemployable druggies? Then yes, I suppose they are there as well, though that particular development is 20 years old and has a good network of neighbors and roads that end in the Burro Creek Wilderness, which is to say that riff raff is easily identified.

    Yes, water hauling is common in the area for those that can't afford wells. Adjacent properties have had success reaching groundwater at significant depth.
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    I do love the west. If somebody could cure that water problem, the mountains are the place to be.
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    Thanks VisuTrac. That's a good resource.
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    I've been all over the country and the west is the best. Get here and we'll do the rest.
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