Anyone carry an EAA Witness pistol?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GOG, Oct 9, 2014.

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    I'll be picking up an EAA Witness 9mm steel compact next week. I bought it from Bud's, so it takes a few days to get to the FFL. I handled one and just fell in love with the feel of it. It's heavy, but I've been carrying an all steel 1911 Commander for years, so weight's no big deal. The grip fits me like it was custom fitted.

    I'm going to 9mm for two reasons; first because arthritis is really starting to affect my hands and also because it gives me caliber compatibility with my closest neighbors.

    n doing my homework I found out that they're a bit of an orphan and mags and accessories are harder to find than the more common brands.

    Anyway, does anyone here carry one or at least shoot one on a regular basis? I'd also appreciate any referrals for holsters and mags.
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    GOG... I, as a dealer, sell a good number of EAA Witnesses and the other CZ-75 clones; EAA the leader. I too carried a 1911 for a long time until I had a chance to shoot a CZ. I now carry a CZ-75 PCR and could not be more satisfied. Check out the CZ Forum and as you will find it a great resource for information and dealers to sell you exactly what you need.

    You will love the way the Witness sits down in your grip and it will become your new standard. Also, 9mm is a much more potent cartridge than in the past and is quite adequate to handle personal defense requirements. As well, it is easier to shoot and 9mm is going to continue to be a more available round to acquire.

    Enjoy your new baby...
  3. GOG

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    Thank you kind sir.

    In actual fact, if it wasn't for budget considerations the CZ75 compact would have been my first choice. I had a full size 75B some years back and I have to put it right up there with a Hi Power.
  4. Dark Jester

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    The PCR is, of course, a compact but it has a de-cocker instead of a safety which I have come to appreciate. Not being a trained professional, that first heavier pull will make me think about it more. Plus, with no safety, it is easier to put in a no-fire condition and I don't have to disengage the safety to fire. One less physical action. The CZ's remind me of the Browning Hi-Power quite a bit especially in the grip.
  5. GOG

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    I used to dislike de-cockers, but I think they're an excellent way to carry now.
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