anyone familiar with these?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I've actually given almost verbatim the same advice to people looking to buy a high-end custom bullet launcher before, I've advised them to buy a GI spec Springfield 1911, wear it out, then they're ready for the high-end gun.
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    Yeah I have a .357 Rossi with a 4" barrel that I carry 90%+ of the time (dont always carry in the yard or into criminal protection zones like the post office) except at work. They dont allow employees to carry and the one I have just isnt concielable enouph to get by with. I do reload for .38 spl and have a few hundred loaded up at present and a thousand or 2 to reload when I get a chance to pick up some more bullets.

    I figure while the ideal thing would be some of the nicer big name ones, the realistic idea is that want to get something reliable, safe, small and in at least a .38 cal.
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    MM, that Dickson is made in West Germany by Rohm Gmbh - it's the basic RG revolver marketed under a different name, which was common back in the 60's and 70's. They varied from crap to good servicable guns. I had the RG57 in .357Magnum - identical to this gun except for larger grip and 4" barrel. A good gun, never had a problem with it. But I did end up selling it.
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    Whom ever it is looking to buy the Dickson 38 super.....Forget it ,my brother-in-law in Okla.City had one and when he shot it the cylinder and the bore didn't line up and he just about lost some fingers and part of the hand.
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