Anyone know of any 870 sights.....

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, Mar 18, 2012.

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    that mount on the barrel like the factory slug barrel sights? Looking for a tritium ghost ring type set up. All I can seem to find mount on the receiver and this is a multi-purpose shotgun.
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    Maybe I am wrong guys, but I think the majority of the search results there are for mounting the rear sight on the receiver... I am looking to mount it on the barrel, so I can remove barrel and sights to go back to wing shooting.

    I'm sure someone makes one that replaces the Remington rear sight that mounts on the barrel ??

    To illustrate, I want to replace this rear sight with a ghost ring:


    Can it be done? Is it made? I may have to go bead...
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    You might want to run that by one of the Gunsmiths, (GrandPaDave) here on the Monkey, and see what they have to say about the Issue.... ..... YMMV...
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    I think most of them you will find are going to be a receiver ghost ring.
    Ameriglo use to make a replacement tritium 2 dot rear a while back but not sure if they still do.

    What are your concerns regarding using a receiver mounted ghost ring?
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    My concern is switching to the 27" beaded barrel that I use for hunting.... that receiver mounted sight will be in the way.

    I'm not even sure that a ghost ring sight is useable at that distance from the eye... maybe not. Mojo sights seem to work mounted fairly far forward.
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    I opted for the good ole' beaded police barrel... 18". I wish there was something more for a dual purpose gun, but I guess it hasn't been invented yet ;)

    Anyways.... it can at least fit in to my safe now :)
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    Having a lathe and mill drill and friends that are amateur gunsmiths/machinist/mechanics and having a junk box full of takeoffs and gun show finds means you can make and mount about any kind of sight you can dream up for that scatter gun. set up shottys well before tacticool was even a word.Thinking outside of the box and DIY is a big part of being a prepper. Get at it and turn to. Practice on a 50 buck single or even a piece of tube first if you feel intimidated. Let common sense guide you.
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    Williams Gun Sight Firesights have a ghost ring set up.

    Shotgun FireSights from Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.

    I'm not sure that I could find exactly the item on the website, but give them a call. They are a Michigan company that are based about two miles from where I grew up. I have a set of them on my vent rib for turkey and they are definitely hi-vis. They are fiver optic though, not tritium.

    This is their standard Remington shotgun set up.


    This is their rifle ghost ring set up, that my be compatible, not sure. It says it fits all shotguns though.

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