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    ‘Listen to Me Carefully’: Glenn Beck’s Advice for Anyone Looking for a Job |

    I listened to this live broadcast today and the comments made in the above article which I thought was well said. What it made me think of initially was my childhood and what I did to earn my keep... to have a little jingle in the pocket, gas in the truck & freedom to purchase what I wanted as a teen. I can tell you that I did most anything that someone would hire me to do. Mow a 1,000 yards, hand sickle over-grown weeds, feed the livestock, split & stack firewood, move construction materials on a job site..... and so on.

    Later on today I thought some more about this subject and it morphed into what would I do to earn when SHTF... and the job that pays me know no longer exist as I know it. Once things settled down after whatever event takes place, what would I do to earn my way... to create a living other than just bartering labor for the things needed. But making a new way to control my way of life outside of just working for a new boss. Of course this scenario does depend on what the event is, such as a pandemic, nuclear attack, EMP and so on that will make each recovery different with its own challenges.

    The skills I do have will break down into many areas. I can do much technically with power, computers, various low voltage systems, electronic repair, radios and so on based on my background and training. With the military background I can use much of that training and experience in security, operations, planning and training of personnel.. along with the non-tangible things like leadership skills to help a group of people come together for a common benefit/resolution. And finally, what skills can I use to create items to sell/barter, repair and use with various types of machinery, wood crafts, mechanics, construction and so on.

    Then I began to think about what I can/need to do to improve those skills I have or learn the ones I feel I need to know to be better prepared for this new way of life. Do I have the tools to do these jobs properly and if not, which ones do I need and what is the priority....

    Have you sat down and really put some thought into this and inventoried what skills, training and abilities you can bring to the table... and what you will need to meet each of those?

    As Glenn said “There is only one economy that matters: your economy. And your economy starts with two hands. And the talent that you were born with. Everyone was born with exactly every tool (they) need.”
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    Sometimes you never know what you actually know, if that makes any sense. Like a friend wanted me to help her write up a grant proposal for someone else, and I surprised myself by knowing what the questions asked on the grant application were really asking. Of course the person who was submitting the grant refused to listen to any advice(even after they had been rejected at least 2 times before, doing it their way), but that's a different story.
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    I have thought about what skills I have that would be attractive to a survivalist group and I really don't have any. But when I look at what skills I have to help our neighborhood survive then I have many. Child care, mending, gathering, hauling, gardening plus extreme determination to name a few. I listened to Glenn's broadcast and I agree there are so many ways out there to make money but we just don't think of them. I am always bring metal home, I buy stuff at a yard sale and will turn around and sell it on Ebay for a profit.

    Yard Dart, you have inspired me to make a list. I will also ask my family what they see as skills for me. Sometimes you just don't see what is in front of you.
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