Anyone use 5.11 tactical pants?

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Astrodokk, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. most bigger guys in my community dislike the fit

    A lot of guys love the features and the idea behind these pants, but find almost everything the company makes to be overly constrictive. most guys are pretty wide, and wear somewhere in the neighborhood of xxl shirts, but they find the sizing and tailoring of their products to be a little on the small side for the sizes they bear. I am more ectomophic myself, and find there stuff to be rather comfortable, but my frame is somewhat unique in the fact that I am more slender and tall. No complaints heard on quality whatsoever, and most of the guys have extensive time in PSD and combat roles wearing their gear. Some find the CRYE Precision stuff slightly more comfortable, although tight, but it doesn't lend itself as easily to less conspicuous operations, and is much more expensive.
  2. Pyro

    Pyro Monkey+

    im a big fella and dont find them constrictive at all im 6'1 290ish pounds
  3. What size do you wear Pyro? and how bout the shirts? (don't mean to change subjet, but just more my personal knowledge) So many guys have complained about the construction in their upper legs (not just with 5.11) that I have thought about designing and marketing my own line. Of course, I find that most the guys have disproportionately sized quads and hamstrings with generally smaller waste than the general populace, but there's no replacement for comfort, no matter how many features you can pack onto something. Heck, I am not really uncomfortable in them, but have often thought of having my sets tailored just because of the sheer amount of time I spend in them.
  4. Pyro

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    I wear a 44/30 and for shirts most constrict in the shoulders havent tried any 5.11 shirts yet in i have large legs as well but have no problem in these 5.11s they fit snug but dont constrict like jeans
  5. I would agree that they are a leap above jeans, but as far as traditional BDU's, I think they leave some guys a little to be desired. This post had motivated me to get a pair and write a review for my own site though. Maybe we can get a group purchase going.
  6. Pyro

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    they arent inteneded to be BDU's they are meant me everyday wear that isnt baggy and overly tactical looking good for people who want functionality of bdus with more style
  7. Seacowboys

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    Looks like the better question on this site would be if anyone is not wearing 5.11 pants?
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    Me.... I still have some old BDU's and German army wool pants....
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    I wear Tru Spec 24-7 trousers because I'm a "chunky Monkey" and the retailers in my area had a larger selection of 24/7 than 5.11. I had to have them for uniform wear when I was going through EMT training and love them. Mine seem to be wearing like steel. I like the fact that the 24/7 clothing is coated so that things don't sink in and stain, and if they get soaked, they air dry in what seems like minutes.
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    Gonna have to try some of these pants. I have large thighs from lifting and carrying furniture and most pants bind on my legs and are uncomfortable. Hoping these fit the bill. I generally wear carhartt dungarees and love them. I generally only own about six pairs of pants and wear them in rotation. I buy 6 more pair every two years and turn the old ones into shorts or rags. Hope the 5.11's hold up as well.
  11. How do the 5.11 pants compare to the tru spec pants? I like a really thin, but tough pant with a roomy crotch for crouching etc. I have a buddy who swears by 511 tactical pants and thinks everything is garbage. I'm looking at ordering from these guys, any experience? 5.11 Tactical Gear & Apparel on Sale | 5.11 Tactical Pants Special - 511 thanks in advance for your feedback
  12. kellory

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    For $45-$60 bucks, a pair, I would expect them to make me breakfast.;)
  13. well what do you pay for pants, and what brand?
  14. melbo

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    I don't own any 5.11s but know guys who swear by them. As far as cost? $50 - $60 is less than I've spent on anything but Levis lately. Seems like a good price to me.
  15. kellory

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    I buy, and work in carpenter pants. I buy 3-4 at a time, rotate them, and wear them until they wear out. I pay @$25 each. A bit less for shorts.
  16. aren't carpenter pants pretty heavy though, and not water resistant or fast drying?
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  17. Yard Dart

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    I have not used these specific pants but I would say it sounds like a quality product at a reasonable price. I will swear by any type of quality rip-stop pant!! If you get wet in them they will dry out pretty quick, light weight, pack small and hold up well to heavy use. And when the knees give way and non-repairable, they make great shorts.

    You could also look at mil surplus stores and see if you can find the rip stop bdu's which are great and usually pretty cheap, if you are looking for clothing to pack away in BOB's and for other clothing prep's.
  18. kellory

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    They are not heavy, unless you buy the expensive Carharts. they are much heavier duty. Carpenter paints are denim (sail cloth/ french) and made of cotton. they dry pretty quick, and made of cotton, can be used as a fire starter tinder. and makes excellent charcloth when they wear out. One pant leg, sown shut and slotted for a belt makes a great bag for shrooms, or ginseng hunting. There are more secondary uses for denim pants.
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  19. Silversnake

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    I have a pair I bought about 8 years ago. The button above the zipper broke pretty much immediately. I had the button replaced and they have been okay since. They are fairly heavy fabric, but I prefer that due to the thorny nature of the brush in this area. I don't wear them that often, because when I see someone wearing 5.11 gear, it reeks of "wannabe" to me, and I don't want to be perceived that way. I'd probably buy a pair of Carhartt or Deluth trading company trousers for something durable and civilian looking for gray man use.
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    You probably wouldn't like throwing down $245 for some Filson's then.
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