Anyone use 5.11 tactical pants?

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Astrodokk, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Excellent! I can get them in grey, which will satisfy my work dress code. Bit pricey, true, but I tend to destroy 3-6 pairs a year. Would be a wise buy. Thank you, @ColtCarbine, for the link.
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    try swisslink austrian bdu pants only $8 thats what i use
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    i wish royal robbins was still manufacturing i liked their products better
  5. DarkLight

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    Wow! That's a blast from the late 80's!
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    I have 5.11 MEN’S TACLITE EMS PANTS and it is one of the best tactical pants on the market .It is highly durable and long wearing and these pants have been treated with Teflon too. Teflon coated pants are the best choice for those who want their pants to look like new for longer. The Teflon coating will keep liquids and dirt off the pants to stop stains from developing.
    To let you carry all your possessions with you when you’re on the move, there are large, full-sized cargo pockets all around these pants. They are split with internal dividers, allowing you to conveniently organize your tools and you can take everything with you that you need. The EMS specific pockets and additional pockets to the calf are an additional bonus that makes these pants as useful as possible.
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