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    Remember in my Myth-Conceptions article that I warned: “Some will call me a Troll. Some will think I’m an Agent Provocateur. Most will think I’m full of more crap then a Christmas Turkey. And before someone starts PM’ing the Administrators about me being some agent of disruption, consider this: Those folks are already here. And have been here for some time.”

    But those that know me will agree that I will play the Devil’s Advocate on occasion. I have no qualms in arguing against my own beliefs. This is one method to insure that I’m not blinded by outside influences. That can also be a handicap.

    But this post is not about myself but the Board as a whole. (Yeah , I know, it sounds damn arrogant)

    Big Brother is a concept brought about by an English writer who was writing about Stalin and the horror of Totalitarianism. And there has been the questions concerning if Big Brother has been watching the Board. But the answer to this question is not if, but how often.

    Let’s venture through the gray cells some concerning this possibility. Let me play the Devil’s Advocate.

    Oh, and remember, this Board has already been hacked at least once.
    First, look at the membership roster. Notice how many members show up at least once a week, yet have never posted. Auditors? But a good agent will post to insure he gets some action. Remember, anyone can gain access to the Monkey. All they have to do is apply. No Background Check Required.

    So here I am, the Head of the Department of Cyber-Intelligence on Terrorism. Considering that the FBI once placed Survivalists and Militia on their watch list, I must also observe who is saying what about whom. But considering everyone posting is using nicknames and are posting very little useable information in their profiles, how is the best way to ID each person.

    Enter my senior programmer. First he buys all the updated Firewall programs. Dissects them until he knows where the holes are in each program. And they all have holes in them.

    Now he designs a tracking bot to resemble the ones used by Proctor & Gamble to see where people are going and shopping for on the internet. But this one does not just watch where you go, it delves deep into your computer for the personal information stored in there. It’s primary search program is to copy and send your connection phone number back to a specific computer for further research.

    Note: Every time you post a message to a bulletin board, you leave a traceable code in the board’s server. This code is traceable back to your ISP, which in turn keeps a record of what connection phone number is tied to that coding. The Tracking Bot just has to follow the bread crumbles and get by any firewalls you might have installed.

    Now I have your phone number. And if for some reason, the modems memory contains more then one phone number, then it becomes only a simple search to determine which one belongs too a residence.

    But a secondary program built into the bot is still working in your computer. It is digging deep into your stored memory for any trace of Name, Address, Credit Card Number, etc., that is stored on the computer from previous shopping activities. This is just for confirmation at a later date.

    And if we really want to get fancy, we will dig into the Boards Basis Program and arrange access to every PM sent by virtue of a Back Channel Copy which will not register on either the senders or receivers computer. We can also tag a subroutine in our bot which will also give us a BCC of all your email from your computer. And even if discovered, it will look like some marketing bot that are out there by the thousands.

    Now I have you lock, stock and conspiracy. And all in about 60 seconds. Once the program reads it has completed it’s mission, it self-terminates, leaving behind the subroutines for mail, etc.. It might even create a “Fatal Error” situation, causing you too do a total shut-down and wiping any memory of the bot out of your system.

    And we all know how often computers foul up.

    Now I have names, and possibly faces even to tie too posts about how much and type ammunition they are buying, weapons being bought and even emergency communications methods by virtue of observing the board. Follow the conversations and determine who each person might be teaming up with for caching equipment, weapons and ammunition.

    Now let’s flip the coin. I’m actually the cell leader of one of the known domestic terrorists organizations located in the United States. And I need to insure that my people are armed and supplied. I now have a ready source to draw upon if my people work it right.

    So I decide to send a team to deal with Colossus Man. He has stated on many occasions that he never goes anywhere unarmed and the team is equipped to deal with such matters. Another team robs the West Gate Savings & Loan for expense money.

    The team consists of 1 female and 3 males.

    They locate the residence and begin a simple surveillance of the location. They ID Colossus Man and watch his daily habits. They notice he often stops at Wal Mart and picks up groceries as needed. They set up a mugging.

    The female is placed in a wheelchair, with her husband pushing her down the parking aisle towards the store while Colossus Man is getting ready to get into his truck. Timing is important. As he has his back to everyone, getting into his truck, the female shoots him with a tazer. After all, where is the risk of a female in a wheelchair being pushed by her loving husband? The other 2 members are in an over watch, ready to drive in, pick them up in case of trouble. The capture team quickly disarms and stuffs Colossus Man into the cab of the truck and heads off after restraining him with zip-ties.

    We’ll skip the nastiness that is used to gain entry into the home. They clean out the gun safe. The personal safe of gold and gems he was collecting in case of the SHTF. All the ammunition. The they go through the residence and any out building for anything that could be used by them later on.

    Then they put a bullet into the brain of Colossus Man and his wife. Set fire to the house and leave in his truck loaded with gear. All the gear is transferred to another vehicle, the truck is torched. And they vanish into the night.

    The police classify it as a Home Invasion, Robbery, Murder and Arson.

    It was a hit for profit. And two months later, they hit Gadget Dude, who lives alone out in the boonies, halfway across the country. No one on the board misses him for several weeks and no one can find out what happened too him. This time, the capture team leaves the house intact, but makes sure there are traces of cocaine in various places about the house.

    The sheriff’s office classifies it as a drug deal gone bad.

    You can add a third scenario using a foreign terrorist organization needing weapons and ammunition once their folks enter the country.

    And to top it this off, we cannot forget the cockroaches of the world. You know the ones I’m referring too. These are the folks that survive by preying on others. They figure why do all the work and prep when someone else can do it for them.

    Now this is much more plausible then some of the OMG situations that seem to get so much worry.

    So, I have noticed how easily many of the folks here like to talk about what they bought this week to prepare themselves for the dark days of survival. About caching equipment. About where and what radio frequencies to use in cause of an emergency. And what weapons they have bought.

    Has anyone ever heard of Operational Security?

    Big Brother, The Society for Democratic Reform, or the Islamic Bowel Movement now knows who, where, and what so many folks have. Who it would be profitable to rob or who might be the first taken out incase of the most feared takeover by the Druid Reformation which has been plotting the takeover of the United States since 1169A.D..

    If someone wants you and what’s yours, they are going to come at you in black helicopters wearing ninja suits. They are going to come at you sideways. Remember the lady with the taser? IF she missed, don’t think you’ll get a free shot back at her. Her husband has a sawed-off H&R 12 gauge ready for action in case anything goes wrong. It’s better to kill the pigeon and flew away, then take the chance on loosing a member of the team. The backup team swoops in, picks up the pair and they are off into the sunset. Another day, another pigeon.

    Is what I have described possible? Oh hell Yes!

    Back in late Spring, I had a nice discussion with the owner of an Internet Service Provider. He said with a top notch programmer, a very good computer and the time and expense to set up such a tracking system, it could be done. The nice part of the discussion was Poacher splashing Johnny Walker Green scotch into my canteen cup as the discussion was being held about a mesquite fueled campfire.

    And to finally response to a comment made a couple times towards me concerning my faith in fellow man let me say this:

    I know mankind to be a vile, diseased, self-destructive parasite that feeds on all its surroundings without giving anything back. We are a parasite which feeds on it’s on kind for sport, profit, politics, religion or just plain madness. But for some odd reason, I know there are those about us that are good, decent people. And I have a habit of drinking good whiskey with a handful of them on a regular basis.

    Post-Script: I wrote this 3 weeks ago while busy with something else. If folks find it a tad crude, rude and abrasive, so be it. In my former line of work finesse was defined as using only 2 pounds of C-4 instead of 4 pounds. Survival is not for the faint of heart.

    I hope everyone sleeps well………. I certainly do.
  2. Seacowboys

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    That is certainly an interesting point of view and definately has credence. I am sure that eventually they'll get around to rounding up all us cyber-ninjas, but the simple fix is just to unplug.
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    The expense would only be the programmers time and a powerful pc and server or two, most any programmer I know worth his salt could write quite a few 'utilities' to do things like you discuss however most of us think stuff like this is childish although most of us don't have orders to infiltrate and gather intel with carte blanche freedom to make it happen.

    The biggest issues with the general theme of your post is why even go through the effort of hacking sites and servers? Every packet you send out that isn't encrypted (https) is open to any router between you and the destination site. That is somewhat of an over-simplistic view but in reality that is what is happening every time you got to a site with FTP, HTTP, etc. Any 12 year old with computer knowledge can set up a packet sniffer. My personal opinion is most of the high level stuff that is going on by guubermeant is public information, look at The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, everything I need to know about the history of a site (not really intended for forums however).

    BTW, since I'm new here would like to take a minute to say howdy and I like this forum. Nice to see a forum where real stuff is getting posted, not just reviews of the latest survival gear with an affiliate link. Just getting started with preps and survival as my eyes are being opened to the world and what is really going on so be easy on me, or don't I probably need the abuse.
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    Project "Carnivore" (monitoring all internet, and fax traffic for key words) and before that project " Echelon" ( monitoring all phone calls for trigger words that would activate NSA computers to record the call), RFID technology, tracking people with thier cell phones. Phones, cell and land line, that can be tapped into and used as microphones to listen in to.

    All of this was, just a few years ago considered "Conspiracy theory", alarmist, paranoid nonsense. And was vehemently denied and argued against on sites like this and others. Those warning of such things were labeld "nuts", "quacks", "chicken littles".

    Funny how all that disappears when those things come to light as being true.

    So let's see what else is there that hasn't quite crossed the line from "theory" to "reality".

    Implantable RFID chips to monitor people, oh wait, that's been admitted to. Televisions that transmit video and audio as well as recieve, no, that's been proven true.

    Oh, I know, our own government drawing up plans to use false flag terrorist attacks to sway public support for war. No, sorry, I forgot, that was proven to be true also. The declassified "Northwoods" project.

    Well, there is something out there I just can't think of it offhand. Too many things crossing that line recently. Hard to keep track.

    There is no such thing as anonymity anymore. If you engage in any type of commerce, if you have a bank account, if you use a cell phone or a computer then there is a good chance that something you have done,said, or written has been recorded somewhere, by someone.

    So why worry about it?

    But I agree with Mortis here on people posting too much information. It is like the post about MySpace, where a cop uses information from a young girl to track her down and come to her house. I think that sometimes we get to talking like we are among friends, not realizing that every word written here is for all the world to see. And a few simple statements, while seeming harmless at the time, are actually very revealing to someone who knows what to look for.

    This site is "Home" to a lot of us here, but we should always remember that it is a house with glass walls.
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    I would agree that basic good sence would be a must on how much info to post on any open forum, but I personaly dont worry TOOOO much about it for the simple fact that I figure if its a terrorist cell or thief, then the local gun shop would be a lot better spot for tor them to hit if they are going to go through all that trouble, and as far as the gov, they have free access (admitedly) to all your bank records includeing where checks or debet cards are used and unless firearms transactions are handled person to person with no paperwork they also get info on any gun purchases through the NICS check preformed when you buy it. If they have any intrest in you (like to follow your threads here due to a political statment or whatever) then they can also track your purchases over the web even easier than they found out who you were. So those cases of ammo you bought (probably already monitored anyway) show up and they know about it.

    So my basic thought on it, for better or worse, is that privacy no longer exists anyway if anyone wants to take the time and energy to check me out, especialy anyone from the .gov, and as far as the thieves (be it terrorists or just run of the mill scum) I fidure it still just shows that Im a harder target than the average sheeple or an unattended gun shop and of far less value than a lot of retailers where it would be one stop shopping and the owner could be grabbed and made to let them in at closeing time likely easier than grabbing me and wondering who else is at the house when they get there. JMHO
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    quote"Post-Script: I wrote this 3 weeks ago while busy with something else. If folks find it a tad crude, rude and abrasive, so be it. In my former line of work finesse was defined as using only 2 pounds of C-4 instead of 4 pounds. Survival is not for the faint of heart. "

    IMHO it was an excellant post devoid of the rude crude self aggrandizing chest thumping crap we've been seeing lately"
    320th bmw Munitions maintenance sq Motto " There are few problems in life that cannot be solved by a suitable application high explosives" I know my opsec sucks here; I have easily willingly given away way too much personal info (AND I KNOW BETTER) We write back and forth like 10friends in a bar... not thinking about the20 or so complete strangers able to listen in anonymously.No computersciencedegreenecessary simply by logging on and reading the board.If I could go back it would be very easy to pick and choose messages I regret posting for purely opsec reasons. Carry on Mortis.
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