AP sources: Hill leaders agree on Patriot Act

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    AP sources: Hill leaders agree on Patriot Act

    <CITE>AP – <ABBR class=recenttimedate title=2011-05-19T13:05:27-0700>45 mins ago</ABBR> </CITE>
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    WASHINGTON - Top congressional leaders agreed Thursday to a four-year extension of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act, the controversial law passed after the Sept. 11 attacks that governs the search for terrorists on American soil.

    Brokers not going to like this.
  2. Brokor

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    Every last pig who voted to extend this should be fired, tried, and punished accordingly.
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  3. UGRev

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    unbelievable.. i'm with brokor..
  4. Hispeedal2

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    Not good.

    Anyone know if the vote came though or not?
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Despite what 'THEY' say, there is really only ONE political party in this nation..... The UnAmerican Party!! :oops:

    All else is just details. [stirpot]
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    Here the party lines are clear on the issue- only one DEM voted for and only one REP voted against. This is an issue that will hurt the GOP in the coming election- especially with the Tea Party, Independents, Libertarians, and me.

    The Dummycrats tend to get this one.

    House Panel Approves Patriot Act Extension | Main Justice

    On the bright side- National Security Letters will sunset, so the FBI has to get a court order to collect evidence- no free for alls.
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  7. Brokor

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    Until the people hold their police and politicians accountable, they will continue to do whatever they want.
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    It is an issue that has been plaguing mankind for centuries:
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Juvenal - Satires (Satire VI, lines 347–8)
    Literally translated: Who will guard the the guards themselves? (more commonly rendered as "Who will watch the watchers?")
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    This is why the framers of our constitutional republic formed a limited government which was 'supposed' to be kept in check by the people. Of course, it goes without further explanation that the people have utterly failed and the corporations sprang up around us and have literally choked the life out of liberty, replacing it with decadence and security in a world full of disposable toys and endless terror. Like schoolchildren, we timidly await instruction and accept any decree from the oligarchy. The "most powerful man on earth" shouldn't be the President of these United States, it should be each and every sovereign citizen, whose voices are not shrouded by the cloak of conspiracy to undermine our potential and greatness.

    And so, the "democracy" vs. republic battle ensues, with even more impetus than ever before; the few patriots who remain will be chastised and betrayed by their fellow Americans, all in the name of securing the empire and continuing the dream that was never meant to be. The safeguards that were placed in our founding documents have become nothing more than ancient tomes of forgotten meaning to the fans of cult of personality and charismatic authority.

    "Don't worry," we are told, "we are your government, trust us." trust you? We must place trust in our servants who are held as leaders of us all, and accept every action they take as a matter of "national security", where nothing is ever revealed to the public and every question is left unanswered...yes, this is indeed a nightmare of epic proportions.

    We were supposed to be the guardians of the republic.
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