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    We Went out to the movies tonight saw "Apocalypto""which was very good .The story follows one mayan captured for sacrafice after his village is ravaged by other mayans. and some pretty cool previews. Look for "Children of men" opening 12/25. "Set in the near future, a chaotic govt controlled world where all humans have become sterile.trailer:
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    I'll be lookin for that one.
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    I heard Alex Jones doing a review of Apocalypto. He ,of course, related it to a government out of control and feeding off it's own people. He really liked it and recomended it highly. I am going to go see it soon.
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    It opens with a statement plastered across the screen Something like:" before a nation collapses, it divides and rots from within."or something along those lines I imagine alex picked right up on that ( I did, guess that make me a whacko too)...
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    and here I thought it was about Jimmy Buffett's song..."Apocalypso"


    They say this universe is bound to blow
    But I say we crank up the calypso control
    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso

    Now I'm no dancer as dancers go
    But this is one step that you need to know
    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso
    We'll be dancing when we go

    Planets come and planets go
    Undisturbed the dancers flow
    Old galaxies can be cold
    So I'll hold you close
    When this earthly light is burning low
    This dance will take you to the next plateau

    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso
    We'll be dancing when we go
    We'll be dancing when we go..

    and on and on...

    Sounds good to me!

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