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    I thought I knew how to shoot as I have 40 years (.22 at 10 yrs. of age) of shooting on a monthly basis……. Until I was humbled at the Revolutionary War Vet Assoc. “APPLESEED SHOOT”. My .357 <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><st1:City><st1:place>Winchester</st1:place></st1:City> was in the shop. Which is my favorite <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d the one I practice with the most. Never a problem hitting the target. So I had to work with a .22 Savage Revelation tube feed semi auto. I worked with the Savage the week before the shoot <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d was on target. The first day I couldn’t hit myself in the head. My scope was off, <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d a tad loose, my stock wasn’t tightened down <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d a million other issues. My wobbling around was out of control. The first day I was a frustrated wreck about to pull my hair out. The second day it all came together. I wasn’t sure I w<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>ted to go back for more humiliation the second day but these guys know what they are doing. They improved my skills 100+++ percent. H<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>ds on, one on one training. Way too much information to state here…You just gotta go !!! By the end of the second day I was on cloud nine. “CONFIDENT, SURE, <st1:stockticker>SAFE</st1:stockticker>, EDUCATED, <st1:stockticker>ABLE</st1:stockticker> TO REACH OUT 400 YARDS!!! If you get a chance to go...GO!!!
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    Do a search on this site for "appleseed" and you'll find more folks with good experiences. Dunno where you are, but my club is hosting a shoot in September.
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    Get some experience in shooting full distance with a centerfire rifle.
    Applseed is basic marksmanship 101. If you think you can shoot out to 400 yards by shootin' a .22 at 82 ft you'll have your eyes opened ...again.

    I know as I teach marksmanship. I get these "Riflemen" with their patch attending my course expecting to get 4" group (which is what they claim as their goal) and most of them are lucky to be on paper.

    Don't get me wrong, its a good program for the basics but Appleseed is no subsutitute for full distance training.
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    True enough, that, keyword is basics. It's all about the how, and that applies to long range, too. Practice is what does it. Appleseed does NOT make snipers.
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    Shameless bump. Our shoot is on Sept 24/25. With the attachment feature not working, we'll have to go on line, or I'll PM the flyer to interested folks.

    In the meantime, go here
    Project Appleseed Home
    for the 411.

    The registration form and flyer are found here
    Appleseed - Search States
    under the Hallstead PA info/reg link.

    Y'all come.
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    I did 2 tours in Nam as a dog handler and seems I never came across a shootin bench with spotin scope. When SHTF I was usually squating for a dump, up to my backside in some leachy stinkin muddy creek or sittin under my pancho in a horizontal rain with a hair shakin dog that just took a dump on my hand.

    I broke down and paid the money so I could get the wife to go to Appleseed and it was worth every cent. While it is a basic course they do try to keep things kinda real. Seems it doesn't matter the weather, THEY DO NOT CANCEL. Did one shoot in the rain which means prone and there was a lot of prone in the mud and accordingly if it's snowing you are laying in some slushy half froze snow or hotter-n-hell dusty dirt right on top of an ant trail. I hear tell they even have some shoots at a real range but I couldn't prove it. All in all, when SHTF it never finds you in a good place or position so practice in "the environments" is the best place to practice.
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