April: Traps and Snares

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by phorisc, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. phorisc

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    I started doing this series of videos for the month of April.
    I am getting the majority of what I am talking about out of the SAS handbook.
    Here is the playlist..it'll get longer as the month goes by...

    Live The Adventure
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  2. phorisc

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    Next trap is more of a gear item if you decide to use them recreationally I would check state laws...but for a bugout bag or emergency these are great.

    Live The Adventure
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  3. phorisc

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    Oh i forgot to post the snare video too....
  4. zombierspndr

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    Reminds me that I need to talk to a former professional trapper I know.
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  5. phorisc

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    I felt i did a horrible job filming this...but hopefully its still good for learning something.

    Live The Adventure
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  6. phorisc

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  7. weaselhawk

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    ok if were talking only in a survial situation for fish i would want 20 trout lines 100 foot long hook every foot

    check out the book hard core poaching there are two of them by ranger benson and a older one called the poachers son these books are not politicaly correct not frindly to little animals only for emergency
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