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  1. Andy the Aussie

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    ....spent a week away chasing deer and hogs, normally the top day temps would be 20 or so C and below 10C over night. That damn week was over 30C each day and only down to 17-20C over night. property is also in the grip of drought. Hunting all week and didn't fire a shot, not because I didn't see anything, just no buck that was large enough and no meat as it was too hot to be fugging around with. Saw one big boar (and a bunch of little hogs) but he was motoring and when I did have him lined up has was skylining back toward my camp. Cunning prick..!!

    A few pics...

    A small buck, silly bugger, all about the girls at this point....


    I was climbing a steep section and stopped to breathe (read gasping for air and bent over at the waist)...there right between my legs....


    ....scared the crap out of me as I thought it was a WHOLE Brown Snake..!


    ...turns out it is a shed from a Black Snake.

    A couple of hogs I shot up here in a flying visit in late February.... you can see how dry it was then !! About 4 inches of rain fell between them and this visit but still not enough to get it right !!


    I have a few more pics and some video I have to copy off the laptop I travel with. I will get to that soon.... :D

    Rest of the pics....

    Due to the weather there was perhaps a bit to much of this...


    The next two are taken from the same spot just 90 degs apart, sitting over a rutting stand to see what the dominant buck looks like...



    .... he was actually a nice buck that someone would be happy with, he was busy chasing away smaller bucks and I was too busy watching him to take pics of it all unfolding...LOL

    Late one afternoon looking up where I was the day before (that high point opposite). The snake and buck above where not far from the top there...


    And the view further down the valley from up there...


    I will try and work on the videos today.
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  2. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Hell Yeah, Except for the snakes!
  3. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Beautiful country!!
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  4. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    Only two kinds of snakes I don't like...

    ... live ones and dead ones.
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    Do lawyers and politicians count?
  6. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    Without question.
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  7. T. Riley

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    I like that picture. Are they common? Is there a season for them? Are they always black? What size do they get? Do they have a name like "white tail" here in the states?
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  8. Andy the Aussie

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    ..... that is a Black Fallow. There are also Menil Fallow (lighter with spots), Common Fallow (Mousy coloured) and some will say "Hungarian" in reality the Hungarian are a very pure line of Common Fallow and appear a ginger or reddish colour. Fallow Season runs March to July I think (no bag limits tags etc, they are considered a pest species). We also have Red Deer, Chital (Axis), Samber, Hog, Rusa, Wapiti and if you know where to look a few lesser known species and exotics.
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  9. Seacowboys

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    You get to Mobile, Alabama Andy, you come hang out with me.
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  10. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    It's been a few years but I have actually been to Mobile... ;)
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  11. Bandit99

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    Really pretty country, Andy. I assume that is in Australia but what region or township might that be?
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  12. Andy the Aussie

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    New England area of NSW mate.
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  13. Altoidfishfins

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    Always enjoy your posts.
    Don't hesitate to write about your next trip when it occurs.
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  14. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    May 18-25 ;). Not that I am watching the calendar or anything ;)
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  15. Altoidfishfins

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    Nice - can't wait
  16. ghrit

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    Might be time to start an album to keep the thread loading time down ---- (hint, hint --)
  17. Andy the Aussie

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    ....so my editing software is crap...anyway...here is one of the videos I made while away. This is the same young buck in the first pic of this thread. Sorry it is all a bit crappy, this is the first time I have really tried to use the V1 as a motion camera. The deer are aware "something" is nearby and just where. Around the 50 second mark he started playing peek-a-boo with me then at 55 throws his nose to the air properly (and looks quite strange doing so ;) ). Just above me were at least two more bucks (including a very nice head) that were grunting up a storm. This also kept this guy on edge.

    A little down from me in the gully between us is a big patch of Blackberry, of course this was sheltering several hogs including the one large boar I mentioned. He of course chose the time when I was transitioning the camera back into my pack to bolt.
  18. GrayGhost

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    ^^^^ What he said
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