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    Since taking my AR-15 class, I really have grown to like my gun. I keep thinking of it as Legos for Adults, you can add all sorts of accessories to make it what you want. I have some things that I would like to add to mine. There are so many brands and prices ranges that I am getting overwhelmed. I want best value for money and versatility.

    Currently Looking for:
    Handguard rail system that will accept a forend grip. I do not need a light or anything fancy at the moment. But I am looking to purchase one that will allow me to add things in the future if I want.

    Also looking for an .22lr conversion kit. Someone had given me a good brand to purchase a while ago and I lost the link. Those things have quite a price range also.

    I do not need one but there was a lot of talk about a bad lever. What are your thoughts on those?
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    Hand guard - Magpul, then use a M-LOK compatible grip. MagPul makes two hand guards you should consider.
    The original hand guard is a little fatter than the slim one, but will give you better heat protection. Since you wand a grip, that shouldn't be as much as issue. The slim hand guard might fit your hand better when you aren't using the grip. Both MagPul hand guards have barrier stops built in you can use to steady the rifle and also help keep your hand from sliding too far forward into hot areas.

    As for grips, on anything other than a long free floated tube use a vertical grip as opposed to one of the angled ones.

    Original MOE hand guard: MOE M-LOK Hand Guard, Carbine-Length – AR15/M4
    Slim hand guard: MOE SL™ Hand Guard, Carbine-Length – AR15/M4
    M-LOK verticle grip: MVG® - MOE® Vertical Grip attaches directly to the hand guard without rails.

    Consider a lighter butt stock. I use the MFT Minimalist and recommend it highly.
    Rifle Stocks

    Consider getting your new parts in flat dark earth (FDE) as it helps to break up the outline if you need to use it outside. FDE is a great color for areas like your AO.

    One of my rifles using above parts (standard MOE hand guard and minimalist butt stock):

    A couple of other things to consider are sling attachments. I replace the butt plate on all my AR's with a single point QD plate. The MFT stock has a QD socket built in and you can add a M-LOK socket if you want to the hand guard. Only trust sockets with steel sleeves as the aluminum ones will wear out. I've become a real ran of the single point system since I believe if you are hauling your rifle it should be at a ready position.

    Steel QD butt plate example: BRAVO COMPANY AR-15/M16 QUICK DETACH RECEIVER END PLATE | Brownells
    You do need tools to replace these. Might be best to have your local gun shop so this unless you know somebody with tools you can borrow. You have to be very careful of two springs and two retaining pins if you do this yourself. Not hard, you just need to be careful.

    Keep your add ons simple and minimal. The easiest way to screw up a battle rifle is to bolt too much crap on it.

    The 22LR conversion kit I'm aware of is the CMMG kit: CMMG AR-15/M16 22LR BRAVO CONVERSION KITS | Brownells

    Edit: BAD levers. I use them, but they aren't necessary and just convenient. I keep trying to decide if I want to keep them or take them off as part of the KISS strategy, but so far they have stayed on. Mine are surprisingly solid. You can try one and if you don't like it they are easy to sell.
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    What AR do you have
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    I'm sure @Motomom34 will elaborate, but from her posts she has a pretty basic AR-15 carbine with a carry handle sight.
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    I have a CMMG .22 conversion, and find it an interesting novelty, but that's about all. The .223 barrel is just too large to give the little .22 reasonable (for me) accuracy.

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    One other thing should be on your list - a better trigger. I use the ALG ACT, which is a mil spec trigger that has been cleaned up to be very crisp. It will improve your accuracy at the range and in combat. There are similar triggers as well, and they retail at about $65. Wait for black friday and you can probably get one shipped from ALG for $45 like I did last year.

    Installation takes a few punches you should probably have on hand anyway. I did my last two triggers using my lap as my workbench.

    Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT).

    Also consider a trigger guard with more clearance, especially since you live in snow country and might be using gloves. I like the MagPul metal trigger guard, but there are a ton of great ones out there. Just keep it simple, you don't need stupid features like wings or magazine guides. Here is the MagPul guard: Enhanced Trigger Guard, Aluminum – AR15/M4

    Installation requires the proper size punch, a hammer, and a small 1/2" of half inch plywood to support the roll pin wings on your lower. just drill a small hole in the plywood for the pin to go into.

    Tools - do you have the tools you need to do maintenance and make simple repairs? You should think about a small kit that includes punches, a proper hammer, armorer's wrench and vice blocks. If SHTF happens you will need this self sufficiency. Don't forget a spare set of parts, so get an LPK, some extra firing pins, springs, gaskets, and a gas tube.
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    Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport. No carrying handle.
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    Hard to add to @3M-TA3's posts but here is what I like.
    For the stock I've been using these. They work well, come in several colors and are about 38 bux around here.
    CTR® Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec
    I found this site for the hand guards I have been using. The one shown is a super slim model and feels GREAT in your hand. You can get these in different lengths that will go full length of your barrel if you'd like. That is pretty popular right now. They are a key mod type so it's no biggie to bolt up whatever type of grip or accessory you'd like. Speaking of, I'm not a fan of the vert grips that are so popular today. I just don't see the need if one uses proper shooting stances,except maybe to help muzzle control on full auto which you don't have to worry about anyway. I would urge you to master the rifle "as issued" before you start adding stuff like the grip. JMHO
    15'' ULTRA LIGHT SUPER SLIM KEYMOD Handguard Free Float quad rail

    These .22lr conversion kits are good and reasonably priced.
    AR15/M16 Kits
    You want the m16 kit-trust Tully on this one.
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    I started with vertical grips, but have removed them. I still use them during my proofing test after I make a change for heat protection during the mag dump portion.

    Added grips and different pistol grip angles depends on your shooting style. A lot of people are being trained to square their shoulders to the target and so prefer to use more vertical pistol grips and angled grips on the hand guard as it's a bit more comfortable that way. The square shouldered stance is useful if you are wearing body armor because it keeps your vulnerable side areas hopefully out of the fire. IMO it's a disadvantage if you aren't wearing armor since you present more body area.

    I shoot with the classical position with my left side facing the target (being right handed) this narrows my profile to hopefully reduce my chances of being hit. You really want to be behind cover and/or very low regardless as quickly as possible. In that shooting posture the standard pistol grip is more natural and you really don't need any thing beyond the hand guard for your other hand. That vertical grip might just hang up on something at the wrong time as you are crawling somewhere.

    Beware in general of the latest fad and fashion in the AR world

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    What are you using for BUIS? Any optics yet?
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    I recommend this book, Motomom. It's very complete and demistifies the platform!
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    1st off,,,it's NOT a gun,,,,think Full Metal Jacket,,,Semper Fi,,,:ROFLMAO:
  16. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    I believe in basic, but there are some additions that are worthwhile. I usually find mine at ATN. TPRDMPS.
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    Personal opinion of the best .22 conversion:
    AR15/M16 Kits

    Mine is a bare bones Colt, 4 position stock and non-removable carry handle. I do have a Magpul 4 rail front grip and a green laser. (Never use a laser at night!) My only want list item is Tritium sights. Keep it simple!
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    Nice to see a true bi- pod on a full length. I use a similar set up on my full lengths.
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    Here is mine
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    Remember, Motomom34 Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should! For your first AR experience, I really recomentd keeping things simple and learning to work with what you have before modding it and then finding all your learning is getting screwed up because your gear is getting in the way. Most of all, I HATE verti for grip handles! These really change the rifles handling and can affect your shooting, plus, they tent to snag on stuff!!! Remember what an AR is, A nice LIGHT and COMPACT Carbine, it should be kept as close to that as possible!
    All that said, I do have a few recommended mods that I like. GG,G Ambi Sling attach base plate.
    Receiver End Plate Sling Adapters - AR-15 and M-16 Collapsible Stock Sling Attachments| GG&G
    Ambi Charging handle, your choice.
    A good drop in trigger kit, your choice
    Furniture changes should be kept light and snag free and have minimal stuff that can snag things
    Rail sections ARE the worst, they will hurt you and they snag every thing, My advice is to add a small rail section only to the area you intend to add accessories, and keep away from any other rail sections! MagPull makes pretty decent rail covers, but that is sort of self defeating, having rails, and then covering up unused sections which adds weight and size for zero benefit!
    Good on you for taking classes and learning to love your AR, it all gets better form here!
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