AR-332 Prism Sight first thoughts

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by UGRev, Nov 16, 2010.

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    product page:
    Scopes - rifle scopes, handgun scopes, hunting scopes by Burris Optics

    fixed 3x sight with 5 levels of red AND green led illumination and etched reticle when no illumination is used so you get a black reticle when you're not using the illumination. ~500 hr bat life (green uses less juice since it's a shorter wave length).

    Took it out to the range yesterday and walked the zero out to 100 yds. I have to say, I was very impressed. I was able to get some nice groups (sorry, was chatting with one of the guys there and forgot my no scans). It was easy to sight in and very accurate.

    The reticle was a little smallish, but it took about 10 minutes to get used to. I preferred the green on lvl 2 or 3 in the low light. I really didn't care for the red much but it wasn't bad at lvl 1 in bright conditions. I preferred green at lvl 1 illumination in bright light.. just enough to see the reticle against the black target.

    Came with a shade and flip up covers which was nice. You can see the reticle from the other side and I hear that a particular aimpoint kill-flash fits (I forget which as I gave up trying to find one).

    elevation and windage controls had caps that were connected by a wire through a ring so you don't lose the caps (thanks burris!).

    Battery compartment resides inside the housing for the illumination dial control. I didn't like this and I think it's probably the worst part of the whole design. You have to be careful not to turn the battery compartment cap when you dial in your color/illumination, however, since I found lvl 2 or 3 to be sufficient for my needs, I probably won't be turning it more than is required to twist the cap off.

    Comes on a picatinny rail mount but you have to mount it as far back as possible. I have a rear BUIS and I can't use it with this scope, but that's ok because it's a BUIS, right? with the etched reticle, I can still use the scope well enough or just pop it off since the rail is mounted to the housing (shouldn't lose your zero).

    purchased mine from :
    Burris 300208 AR Tact Prsm Sight AR-332 3X-32mm - ManVenture Outpost, LLC

    YouTube - Burris AR-332 Prism Sight Review
    green reticle. red reticle.
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    Nice specs/features on the scope; what kind of battery does it use? Were there other scopes you were considering?... I'm looking around again and was thinking the Burris XTR-14, until I saw the price :oops:

    Yours looks like a great price/performance ratio...
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    whats the price.. i don't want to sign up to their e-mail list
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    Great timing on the review. I was just looking at this and was on the fence about ordering it. Found it for $290. Sound about right?
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    I don't know ,there was a guy on tacticalgunfun that wasn't real pleased with how it was set up and the fact that it was made in China. But did say it worked fairly well under some conditions. Guess I'll be looking at Leupold . JMHO
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    that's about what I picked it up for + tax + shipping.
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    I was looking at a few lesser expensive red dot scopes, an NCStar (3-9x42 Mark Iii Tactical Scope, Scopes, Ncstar at Sportsman's Guide) and a few other like that, but ran across the AR-332 that was specifically setup for the .223 compensation at 100 yds zero. I figured I might as well go middle of the road and get an idea what I do and don't like before I drop 800 or so on something of better quality. I wanted something with a reticle like the eotech, but with some zoom capability.

    I also looked at this but wasn't ready to plunk down just yet:

    Battery is a CR2032
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    wow thats going on my christmas list
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    Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of the reticle. The screen shot really does NOT do it justice at all. It's really more more crisp and bigger than what the screen shot depicts; especially when you're eyeball is looking at it and not a camera lens. Additionally, I found the higher brightness levels to cause some glare in lower light conditions.. I'm willing to bet that no-one goes above 3.
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