AR Pistol Muddy Brick Road.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by HK_User, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. HK_User

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    Just wondered if any have looked into a do it yourself AR Pistol?
    BATF is so confused on how to run/ruin a business.
    The twist and turns of a home grown AR Pistol can wake you up at night.
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  2. apache235

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    In states where you don't register pistols, the 80% lowers are fine, my problem with the AR pistol is that they are so freaking loud you have to have a can on them or go deaf in the first mag dump (ear protection works too, but are you going to have it on when something goes bump in the night?). Short, handy, more powerful than a handgun (most of 'em anyway) and more ammo but LOUD and huge muzzle flash.
  3. HK_User

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    As I understand the laws you do not have a set limit on the pistol barrel.
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  4. Bishop

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    I put one together from psa 10 1/2 shot well no problem s
  5. BTPost

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    Just a Note, here: There is a Federal Court Precedent that states the ATF’s Regulation that unfinished 80% lowers are NOT Firearms, until they are completely finished, and that this Regulation is UnConstitutionaly Vague... This is now being used in other Federal Court cases, and that Federal Prosecutors are dropping some charges, brought under this Regulation, so as to NOT allow more unfavorable Precedents, to be written, and adjudicated... This is a recent Court Ruling, and ATF is worried.... Just like NYC & NY is scared to death, that the pending Case before the Bar @ SCOTUS, will allow a BIG SMACKDOWN on State & Federal Statutes, that prohibit Constitutional Carry by NonProhibited Persons... This goes for Oral Arguments in December 2019...
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  6. HK_User

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    Just proves what we have all suspected all along.
    ATF works on the Big Lie of a empowered Fed Police.
    In fact just a lot of bullies with badges that can hustle you to a cross bar hotel no matter the facts.

    Time to throw the bums out.
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  7. apache235

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    ATF should have gone the way of the Dodo after Ruby Ridge. They are way past their sell by date.
  8. secondrecon

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    Those things are so close to an SBR they scare me.
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  9. HK_User

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    Yup and I believe that is on purpose.
    My thought is that the 14.5 Sig Upper is a legal Pistol upper according to ATF rules.
    Now in some states they have tried to start their own empire of ATF rules , yall can fill in the states as you know them.
    BUT as I see it if you place a pistol configuration in the rear end and do not use a 16 inch barrel then you are good to go with no OAL requirements and the only requirement is to NOT have more than 13 inches from the face of the trigger and the END of the buffer tube. This is what I have been able to discern from the ATF Rules.

    The other caveat I have is the screwy Class 1 rule about SBR request for a TAX Stamp and the "So Called" warning the ATF has insinuated that you cannot have a SBR Barrel in close proximity before you receive the Tax Stamp.
    This catch 22 rule also insinuates that the ATF does not trust anyone in having a Pistol in their possession and have a TAX Stamp request in place.

    Sucks to the nth degree.

    After all we all know how trustworthy the FBI, ATF and Dems are.

    As always YMMV on My Opinion, I do not play a Judge in Night Court.
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  10. apache235

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    Also, you can transport a "pistol" anywhere they are legal without notifying ATF and in Michigan anyway, you can carry it loaded in the car if you have your CPL and if you are going to put a can on it, that's only one tax stamp not two for an SBR
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  11. HK_User

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  12. apache235

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    only about a 4db reduction in sound but your neighbors at the range next to you would appreciate everything going forward.
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  13. Ura-Ki

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    The division between Rifle and Pistol should not even exist. The rules governing them are a bunch of made up lies to scare the sheeple. Short Barreled Rifles are a Joke, its called a CARBINE and should NOT be regulated in any way. Functionally there is zero difference, thanks Bonny amd Clyde! Same with a Short Barreled Shotgun! Silencer regulation is also a Joke, again, a bunch of lies to make something into a scary part, instead of a safety part! The whole list of regulation is stupid, flash hiders, barrel shrouds, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, and that shoulder thingy that goes up! All lies! Mag capasity restrictions, another joke and a lie! Peoples is so stupid, we have allowed the ATF exist far FAR longer then we should have, amd maybe its time to remove their powers! Its past time we had the Hughes act struck down, and the whole ATF/NFA scam destroyed in smoke and fire!
  14. Idahoser

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    The ATF was a jobs program for out-of-work revenooers.
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  15. apache235

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    Ura-ki I'd be curious to know when the ATF comes to visit you :) s/off
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  16. HK_User

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  17. wideym

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    Don't forget that the "arm brace" ruling is really just an administrative ruling, not a court ruling. The admin ruling has also changed the definition of how to legally use the brace (ie. to strap it on your forearm or shoulder it). I belive that in some point in the future it will classify braced pistols as short barreled rifles. For all you who think that it could never "legally" happen, don't forget that the ATF also had an administrative ruling that "bump stocks" were unregulated and legal, till the powers that be found them politically expendable (Thank you President Trump:mad:).
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  18. hot diggity

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    On an average day I see 20-50 pistol braced AR's, AK's, and others. Some of the pistol braces look like pretty decent stocks to me. These things are extremely popular. If I spot an SBR I will ask the owner if he has his stamp with him, just as a courtesy. I don't want to see it. I've never seen any law enforcement interest in anything anyone was shooting at the range, and in a dozen years I've only seen two illegally modified guns on the line, and both guys were clueless of NFA regulations. One didn't understand how shotgun barrel length was measured, and the other thought airsoft collapsible stocks look good on the GSG5 pistol.
    I educated the owners.

    I have more fun with barrels 29" and longer, and find a standard AK and M4 length carbine to handle comfortably.

    Silly U.S. parts count laws, and being able to use an original (short) barrel make a foreign parts kit (non-AR) pistol build with a brace look like it might be fun... until somebody changes a word or two in a regulation.

    It'd be a little late to try now.
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  19. Tempstar

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    I've enjoyed all of this. I have wanted an AR pistol in just the configuration discussed here, but have been on the fence about it, and still am. I enjoyed shooting a friends a few weeks ago and thought "what a great little defensive weapon", but have been wondering how basically an SBR with a "Brace" instead of a "Stock" was legal. His was identical in every way to my rifle except for the 10.5" barrel and the brace. Anyone have one for private sale?
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  20. HK_User

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    If some freak changes the SBR I'll do what I do best.
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