AR Stoner upper $299 W/bolt carrier group

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by AD1, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Did somebody define this: "The amendment guarantees that even in deed-restricted communities, Amateur Radio operators are able to use an effective outdoor antenna"

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    It means that a HOA can not just say NO.

    There must be a negotiation and compromise.

    Why you posted in the AR upper section......

    BTW did you ever get that antenna up and working?
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    I am forum handicapped, I thought it looked good in the AR upper thread, heck I don't know... not enuf coffee? Now I'm looking at a 71 foot telescoping antenna, but it's in PHX.

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    My neighbor goes to Tucson every week. Maybe he can move it closer to you?
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    Tucson is not a problem... and actually $$$ right now is the limiting factor, it's on Craigs List if you want to look it up, been listed for about 6 months at that price.

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