Archery Backstop - Catch the Arrows before they break!

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    Anyone who is serious about archery should make themselves a decent backstop.

    For long-term archery targets you want one that can absorb arrows again and again. Not only should it be easy to remove arrows from the backstop / target, but the arrows should be undamaged as well.

    From my own knowledge hard-wood / plywood is not wiseunless you

    That's where soft material comes in.

    Bales of hay, straw or earth are ideal. Also worthy of note are carpet and unwanted foam insulation.

    Stack up your materials about six feet high by twelve feet across. Go more than this if you can spare the materials.

    Behind your soft materials consider a harder backstop to prevent any penetrators from going too far beyond the bales.

    Carpet can be packed into a wooden frame and stacked up piece by piece, making a near-infinite durability for arrow shooting.

    Don't forget to waterproof your bales / carpet or the weather could end up ruining it.

    Here's one I built earlier...

    It cost me $3 per bale of straw and the other materials were scavanged from nearby locations.

    How about you lot? Have you built your archery backstop yet? [​IMG]
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