Are People Really Stupid *Or Is It Something Else?

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    <dl><dt>[SIZE=+1]In the morning and afternoon each weekday my drive takes my by a pasture of grazing Buffalo. Looking like a dark brown walking lawn grown out of control, they peacefully meander about all day in search of a tasty morsel of flora. These innocent herbivores have absolutely no idea what their future holds in store for them, but we do. They have the same dark future as other cattle.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt><center>[​IMG]</center> </dt><dt> </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Are there parallels between people and cattle? In a way there are. However, even if cattle were aware of their fate, there is little they could do about it. We are on the outside looking in * but cattle are on the inside looking out. Quite a big difference. At least for now.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]"Keeping up with the Jones' " has been a way of life in America extending deep into her past, and a syndrome which probably exists in most civilized countries. Curiously, this is a phenomenon of the rich and middle class but not so much for the poor. When we were married in 1975 there was no silver spoon, no endowment, no fistfuls of stock certificates or other handouts. In fact, we were quietly married by a town JP. I'm still glad of that to this day. In fact, we rented a house in what many would call "the combat zone" in a medium sized city. The thought of being robbed was always present. When you go without many things, it makes you try harder, and strengthens your resolve to improve your life.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]But through it all did have time to try to keep up with what the Jones's were doing? Heck no! We were too preoccupied with making ends meet. When our youngest was about to enter school, it was time to move back out to the suburbs. And move we did. On the very day we went to go sign an apartment lease we came back home and found we were robbed. We lived there three years without any problems until that day. What irony.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The more money most people earn, the more they want and expect. In fact, for some it becomes a pathetic, obsessive way of life. Their version of "God" becomes the accumulation of worthless Federal Reserve Notes stuffed in their pocket. Or running up insane balances for credit card junk purchases, for which greedy banks freely extend more and more credit until the person is buried too deep to get out. It proves the old expression - "give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Both mainstream and offshoot denomination Christians frequently fall into the money traps. They may attend church every week but their REAL God quietly resides on numerous pieces of green-inked worthless paper kept inside folded leather, tucked inside a purse or back pocket. Isn't money a nice god? He doesn't mind how many times you touch him. You can sit on him as long as you want, without fear of being sent to hell (though he can help get you there quicker.) Run him through the washer and dryer and he won't complain. Drive over him with a truck and he still won't complain. Keeps a licking and keeps on ticking. (Couldn't resist using that one.)[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]As a side note - Was president Jackson was the inspiration for Gene Roddenberry's character "Landrew" on the original Star Trek series? Landrew was a computer projection of the computer's creator on a distant planet. He kept the population in line for hundreds of years using hooded men called "lawgivers." Landrew was the spitting image of president Jackson on our currency today! Right down to his hair style.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Mandatory church attendance is exactly what the King of England required of early American settlers, and the king forced people to rent pews in churches. It was not an option. And they had better be in them on Sunday morning or else. This also held true in the 1700's in an Episcopal Church in the city of Richmond, VA. where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech on March 23rd, 1775. You can still tour this church today. Rarely are there any lines for tours which are given each hour. [1][/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]A LITTLE TRIVIA[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]What about the cattle of Patrick Henry's day? Graves outside of Patrick Henry's church had marble tables which sit atop four pillars mounted directly over each grave (see below.)[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt> </dt><dt><center>[​IMG]</center> </dt><dt> </dt><dt><center>[SIZE=+1]Only some people could afford the marble tops to protect their grave from cattle.[/SIZE]</center> </dt><dt><center>[SIZE=+1]Was this the final word of that day to "keep up with the Jones'?" (Photo - author)[/SIZE]</center> </dt><dt> </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Did family members come to the cemetery to have picnics with the departed using these marble slabs as picnic tables? Yes they did, according to the meticulously accurate former Marine tour guide at the church. But the REAL purpose of the marble slabs was far more practical. It simply kept the free-roaming heavy livestock 200 years ago from collapsing the buried casket below and falling into the grave. Three hundred years ago this part of the City of Richmond, VA was still countryside and farmland. Picture this if you can * church services taking place inside, while the town's cattle freely stomping around in the cemetery outside (and relieving themselves anywhere they want, too.) All this was going on while Patrick Henry was giving his famous speech. Did cattle of yesteryear or today, care about material possessions or money?[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]So where are we going with all this? Think about knowing your neighbor as thyself. It's easy for Patriots to look upon those who have not yet undergone a paradigm shift, and laugh and look down upon them. But changing one's mindset IS serious business. Like it or not, you too were once in the same mindless state like cattle. There will be many reasons why your friends, neighbors or relatives don't want to hear any "conspiracy theories." Many are already programmed to believe that what you may try to teach them about is invalid, even before they hear it. These people are now, as you once were. When this happens, think back to those days when you were like that, too. Now think about what it took to change your thinking. You can probably remember when and where you were when your paradigm shift happened. This epiphany is incredibly powerful and reaches deep into your very soul. That's why you still remember it.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]People aren't necessarily stupid * just preprogrammed from childhood. Correcting this problem is similar to erasing a corrupted computer hard drive by reformatting it. People may not require reformatting, but will first require a slow erasure of their "bad data." This almost never happens overnight and requires time and patience. It can range from days to perhaps months, even years. (Although we have very few years left, if any.) If you don't personally have the patience to help people remove their bad data and follow it through, then don't try. If you start the process and don't finish it, it can and will permanently damage your relationship with them. They will think you're a crackpot for years to come. It is NOT up to you to delete their preprogramming. You must give them the impetus to do it themselves. It's quite amazing that there are several parallels between computer hard disks and the human mind.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]To help people reprogram themselves will be to travel a path paved with broken glass, upon which you must tread with bare feet. The broken glass represents the questions your "student" will have as you shatter his or her preconceived notions and preprogramming, and the bare feet represent exposing what's deep in your heart. You must show them what's in your heart and what you hold dear at some point in the process. This is what they will be looking for. Sure, doing this is a risk and a gamble. But no price can be placed upon the value of doing it and succeeding at it.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]When looked at in the cold light of logic, is there anything to lose? If people do not reprogram themselves in time, they will surely fall into the traps that await them after the great collapse. For example, those who are still programmed will willingly and foolishly seek out a relocation (concentration) camp, thinking that the government is there to help them. It will be too late once inside and they realize what's happened to them, and the ultimate price they will pay for not listening now. They would be far better off struggling to survive in the woods, even in the dead of winter, than to be held in a (death) camp.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]In most all camps, all inmates will be supposedly "immunized" with vaccines. Those not immunized will know their time is short. But these "vaccines" will have hidden vicious pathogens, as inmates will be unwillingly inoculated with diseases and watched like lab rats. And when they become seriously ill nothing will be done to help them. To help them would most definitely interfere with the "science" being done to study the death and disease process taking place. After they die, their bodies will be collected and dissected like frogs in a grade school science lab. Think there are no more Dr. Mengelas in the world? Think again. There are more of them than ever before.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Remember how we began with Buffalo and cattle? In reality, it's entirely logical for keepers of the livestock to be cattle themselves. Just a different species. We have entered a new era like China, where human life has become a commodity. And the value of human life has reached an all-time low.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Witness a massive growth of fast track approved drugs like Nexium and hundreds of others * with deadly and crippling side effects sanctioned as safe with government approval. These drugs appear on the market, and after enough people DIE they just *might* be taken off the market. Just twenty five years ago drugs with long lists of side effects were unheard of. If a prescription drug had two or three side effects that was about all the FDA tolerated. Now data sheets on drugs go on for pages with cautions, warnings and other verbiage. A wise patient reads these sheets and knows when to shout NO! Now imagine what will happen to those unfortunate enough to be in POW camps, with no drug controls at all?[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]I stated several years ago in an older essay there would not be any further attacks on America unless the government does them. Why? Because the enemy everyone is preprogrammed to think exists everywhere does not exist at all. It's merely the classic scapegoat. If it did exist, the REAL truth is that any government would find it utterly impossible to stop. If there really was such a bad threat to America over the past 5 years, everything and everyone would have been destroyed by now. But the preprogramming of the masses has been nearly 100% effective. They believe every lie that flows forth from the video gods every day on their network news. Truly a sad, pathetic thing this is. But they are trapped in this paradigm, held in a jail of the mind encased with strong invisible bars. They constructed these bars as children, and parents unwittingly helped. They need help escaping * they need you to bring them a virtual hacksaw. YOU can't saw the bars of their invisible prison for them * they must do it themselves. But you can show them how one step at a time.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]To borrow a line from the Good Book * "See the Lillies of the field. They toil not, neither do they spin." In reality these simple (?) flowers live to look pleasing to the eye and yet can withstand the most inclement weather, and still reproduce. Unlike the Buffalo or cattle which are unaware what the ventilated big tractor trailer box means to their futures, we CAN realize what's happening if we want to. There is no need to be a doormat for anyone else. Christians today often fail to realize that even Jesus Christ never taught that we should be doormats! Being a good doormat is something that 501-C3 churches endlessly teach the gullible. The Bible is considered to be perhaps the bloodiest book in history, as it shows that more blood was shed in the name of God than for any other reason in ancient times. Does this show that these ancient people were doormats?[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Today, a soldier's blood is only shed in the name of an evil intention or plan, not for good. Yet so few people recognize this is happening. Millions have their Chinese-made magnetic signs which say "Support Our Troops" - but do they realize just what it is they are supporting? Must the troops stay over in that Mideast rat- hole to be blown up with our own explosives? Stay there and be made chronically sick and dying by radiation from our very own depleted uranium weaponry and mystery biologicals? Is THAT what supporting our troops means? Count me out. Even a blind man can see what's happening over there. Yet many with perfect vision cannot.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Thousands of people are waking up every day and there is hope. Helping others to accomplish their own paradigm shift is perhaps one of the noblest things anyone can do in their lifetime. Each person you help convert to the truth will want to share that good news with others, too. Imagine how this can multiply with simple binary progression! Not everyone we talk to will be receptive at this time. Many will stubbornly refuse to hear the truth now - but once the evil comes knocking at their door they too, will wake up. Even if by then it's too late to change things, they will still wake up. And your words will ring in their head over and over like the sound of a blacksmith hammering out horseshoes.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Educating others is not optional. Do not be ashamed to do it! For years I've put my actions where my mouth is. Though I'm far from perfect, would anyone have taken me seriously if I were to hide under a pen name? Because I've been so outspoken there are relatives who won't talk to me anymore. So be it, I don't care. My resolve is firm in what I stand for. Many in the world are just scared that what they have been warned about will come to pass. They are scared they might lose everything they have, or THINK they have. Deep inside they know the truth will shatter their comfortable little world they pretend to live in. Think only children play house? Think again. Adults do it all the time; just in a bigger, different way.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Forget all about "keeping up with the Jones'." To hell with waxing your car every weekend, mowing your lawn when it grows a quarter of an inch or buying the latest, biggest vehicle. What a waste of time and energy. Educating others is MANDATORY work for anyone who considers themselves as Americans, patriots or citizens. Outside of raising children, educating others is perhaps the most important work you will ever do. Mistakes will be made and perhaps even an enemy or two will be the result. So what! If the founding fathers were wimps and backed down like most people have been brainwashed into doing today * you and I would probably still be renting a pew from the King of England, and without doubt everyone would be speaking with a British accent and spelling color with a "u," and calling the hood of your car the "bonnet" and the car's trunk the "boot." Not to mention being taxed sky high and having video cameras in every conceivable place. Do we want to see this happen in America? It absolutely will if we just sit back and do nothing.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Nothing in life is risk free. Taking a shower entails the risk of having a fall. Many will convert more easily to the truth today than they would have just two years ago. Buying $4.00 gasoline has started many thinking about what's going on in their lives, and why. But in the end, inevitably every single person you reached out and touched and even those who laugh at you will one day find that everything you warned them about is real.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]We MUST STAND UP for truth and that which is right in all times and in all places. Expose the evil which is already wreaking havoc in everyone's life today and the dark plans that evil leaders have made for the world of tomorrow. USE THE SYSTEM AGAINST ITSELF by showing what it's actually done to degrade life to where it is now. There is nothing more powerful than using the system against itself.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]In past decades, when jobs were lost few people worried (except the unemployed.) Why? Because everyone knew the economy was cyclic, and new jobs would soon appear. Those days are gone because millions of jobs have been lost forever, all in the name of greed and power. Cursed are the MBA types who helped this happen. They see people as nothing more than a HUMAN RESOURCE to be used, chewed up and spit out. All of it is done in the name of profit which raises stock prices.[/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]So who cares what people think about you, even if your teaching work doesn't go perfectly? Do you really live each day worrying what others think about you? I don't, and certainly hope you don't either. Forget about what they think! Don't waste time on it.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]We're all in this together![/SIZE]</dt><dd>
    </dd><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead![/SIZE] </dt></dl>
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    Are people really stupid????? You shouldn't have to ask that anymore, the answer is, always has been, always will be yes.

    Just as a little sidenote "Anonymous", you should probably credit the author in posts like this..... or are you Ted Twietmeyer?
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    People don't think of others often enough for their opinions of us to matter anyway.
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