are we free?

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    The easiest way I can answer that is with a post from my blog July 4 when Californication was on fire ( again)

    Hopefully the idiots in Californication will refrain from fireworks today.
    I doubt it. The show must go on !!!
    Below is intended to make the flag wavers think about the celebration of independence.....
    Independence from what ? Who ? Whom ?

    It's getting close to time for Amurkkaz hero, GW Moron, who receives his orders directly from the baby Jesus, to once again immerse Amurka in another war for the sake of that thar ole. Gotta rid thissy here wirld of terrah !
    OK partly to give more welfare to Our " greatest ally" in the Middle bEast ! The ones that have never set foot on a battlefield with us !

    I want y'all to be very careful today with your fireworks, which in the UnKnighted States of Empire ( M-pyre), are illegal in most states within this great land of the "free". Free ?
    Anyways dont get caught with too many of those " explosives" or you may find yourselves in Guantanamo Bay Cuba...which is the only way you can legally go to Cuba from the land of the "free". Free ?

    Other than that ? Todo Pura Vida !
    Gotta go snag some Marlin for ceviche and pick some pejibaye seed for a pot of soup. Yeah I know. It's not on the menu at Denny's. Sorry.

    Click HERE for pictures of Britneys shaved cooter.
    OOOOOOO Madonna adopted a two headed baby ! Wheeeeee !
    Anything to keep you from THINKING.

    Pay attention at the voting booth. I gotta go feed my toucans.
    The truth often hurts. I wonder if REAL Americans, Native Americans,celebrate independence day ?
    Food for thought.....Are you allowed to think ?
    Posted by Oasis of the Toucans
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    Link is broken.[ROFL][gone]
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