Are we heading toward Democratic Socialism?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Nov 15, 2008.

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    My fear is that daily, we are progressing toward a socialistic country. Among other current events, the discussion of the auto industry bailout smacks of socialism. This fear has prompted my to do a little more reading on the subject. Everything that is espoused has an appeal to those who feel disenfranchised. Although the old Marxist terms of bourgeoisie and proletariat are seldom used, the message is the same - "it's us against them."

    There will always be those who cannot or will not work to improve their standard of living. I am willing to help those who "cannot" but I am not willing to contribute to those who "will not."

    Is anyone else as concerned as I am?

    Reading from the Democratic Socialists of America

    "This is engrossing reading. I do not understand why socialism is such a dirty word. The basic ideas that socialism espouses of human rights, equal access to health care and education and simple dignity are things that every human should be allowed to have."

    On Creating an Economic Justice Agenda

    If we are to reconstruct a majoritarian
    coalition of the working and middle classes, the
    poor, communities of color, the excluded, and
    people of conscience, we must advance and
    defend an economic program that redresses the
    structural inequality that corporate power has
    institutionalized over the past 30 years. The
    program that follows is not set in stone. It is a
    work in progress, an agenda for Congress that
    DSA hopes will begin a broad discussion of how
    politically to restore progressive taxation; defend
    and expand high-quality public provision and
    social insurance; empower working people in the
    labor market; create universal programs that are
    genuinely universal and that address racial and
    ethnic disparities; and create a global economy
    that raises global living and human rights
    standards rather than debasing them.
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    As far as the auto industry, it's my understanding that they are asking for a loan not a bailout. Funny thing about Congress's reaction is that they were stating all kinds of concessions and stipulations on the auto industry but I've yet to hear the same for the $700 billion bailout, what's up with that.

    Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding this whole bailout/loan thing.
  3. RightHand

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    Whether it is called a loan or a bailout, if they failed to maintain economic soundness before, do you expect they will be able to assume the additional burden of debt to the US government. If, as I have heard tossed around, the US takes a security position with the automakers, their voting block can influence private industry.

    Let the UAW contribute to maintaining the industry that butters their bread.
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    We have the foxes running the henhouse. It'll be NO surprise to awake one fine morning to a field of bloody feathers.....

    The very people who CAUSED this debacle are now being asked to 'fix' it. [ROFL]
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    I reckon nobody can see it's OVER...
    That's why I call it the M-pyre... google "pyre"
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    yes. get ready for the Raw Deal in comparison to the New Deal.

    Liberty dies with thunderous applause!
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    Well, michelle DID warn us that some of barry's decisions would NOT be popular or liked.

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