Area 51 projects slowly being declassified

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    engineers and project managers coming forward:
    Seems scores of ufo sightings related to area51in the60s were actually sightingsof usaf/cia project "oxcart" (lockheeds a-12's)(sr-71's)on ultra secret coldwar reconnaissance missions..

    "everybody knows the bird is ours"... :)
    everybody knows.

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    interesting read
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    Last I heard a-12s and sr-71s don't hover over farmers' fields and pick up cows. Must have been mistaken...[dunno]
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    2 quick questions 1- can we possibly use aliens as a food source? (ie alien soilent green.) 2- Does the foil for hat use need to be smooth and reflective, or does crinkled up work? I'm kind of new in this area.Thanks, and I love reading this section.
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    I'm thinking I should discard the foil, and form fit a teflon coated pan....
    Keeps things from sticking that may leak out!
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    never studied zatopi???? [peep][tf][tf][coffee2]
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    Thank you for the links, I realy had no Idea how much this would help. I have also done research on the alien thing, but have found they are very skinny due to using photosynthesis as opposed to eating. I guess thats out,
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