argentina to nationalize private retirement investments

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Tango3, Oct 21, 2008.

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    ``The government is explicitly saying that it has problems meeting debt maturities and this is a last-ditch measure to do so,'' Salvucci said. ``For accounting purposes, this debt will no longer exist.'' [beat][beat][beat][gone]
  2. The plan is to take control over 10 funds, which hold about $29.3 billion in savings and the government had two options: reduce spending, eliminate subsidies and pay a political price or put its hands into the retirement accounts of the people.. Financial crisis well played everywhere..

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    I will not click that link...smells like pork shoulder and ham!
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    We usually get them before they get a chance to post. Conagher was able to pick up his IP origin and send him packing.
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    Back to the Tango 3's post --

    Are you telling us that goobermint bonds are not going to be paid at maturity? The Argies are gonna do it again --
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    Your heroes in DC are talking about this very thing TODAY.....
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