Ariz. congressman files ‘no confidence’ resolution against A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GrandpaDave, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. GrandpaDave

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    Now this here's a bit of breaking news that gives me the warm an fuzzies

    Ariz. congressman files ‘no confidence’ resolution against Atty. Gen. Eric Holder

    Paul Gosar | No Confidence Resolution | Eric Holder | The Daily Caller
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  2. Seawolf1090

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    It's certainly a step in the right direction. Hope it proves beneficial to us.
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  3. Redneck Rebel

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    Hopefully more than just posturing. Gosar doesn't exactly inspire confidence considering he doesn't even know whether he's a democrap or repukitan.
  4. GrandpaDave

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    It's not just Gosar... there are others out there who have voiced the same view
    down at the bottom of the story page they go on to say
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  5. Seawolf1090

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    Looks like obummer better find a cushy Chitown job for his second wayward little buddy......

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  6. T.R

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    As long as our gal Jan Brewer stays in, I love it when she repeatedly tries to humiliate the Libs in the federal government to do something about the illegal immigrants. I keep voting for Maricopa county sherif Joe Arpaio every time he is up as well. America good ...........illegal immigrants bad!
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  7. Conagher

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    I edited your post above because of the racist terminology you used for hispanic illegal immigrants.

    You might want to read the Code of Conduct (COC) rules of the great forum before you post any more racist remarks!

    Consider this your 1st warning.
  8. GrandpaDave

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    I just want to say... this whole racist... state of mind has a lot to do with all the political grandstanding and lack of understanding by the American public at large...

    SO let's try to rectify some of that with a quick overview...
    this drug war has been in full swing since late 2008... they stopped posting the body count back in Feb. of this year because it just got to hard to keep up... the last official count was 45,000 BTW...

    The first real victim of this nasty little war was the city of Ciudad Juárez...
    If you did a wiki search on the town the first thing that jumps out at you is this
    The city is also the site of widespread poverty and violence, including an infamous series of unsolved murders of female factory workers.<SUP id=cite_ref-mujeres_24-0 class=reference>[25](Over 500 murdered were found raped and often dismembered before they stopped counting all those bodies)</SUP> The violence generated by the drug war translated into more than 2,600 killings in 2008. More than 1,400 of them occurred in Juárez,<SUP id=cite_ref-25 class=reference>[26]</SUP> three times more than the most murderous city in the United States.<SUP id=cite_ref-26 class=reference>[27]</SUP> And that number of killings increased to 2,600 in 2009.<SUP id=cite_ref-usatoday.2F2010-07-02_27-0 class=reference>[28]</SUP> In 2010, 3,075 homicides took place in Juárez. This has led to a homicide rate of 229 killings per 100,000 inhabitants...

    Now ask yourself... if you and your family lived in what has officially become the most dangerous city on the plaint... wouldn't you do whatever you could to get you and yours to safety... even if that meant breaking a few laws to do so... well that my friends is exactly what's going on... and let me tell ya... if was me I'd do the same damn thing...

    the real problem do not lie with good honest god fearing families/refugees looking to make a better life for themselves... the problem lays with the smugglers who bring their poison and violence into our country ... you do know they are now well established in 1000 Major American cities, right....

    as far as I can see the only way to fix that problem is to seal the borders... we could still welcome immigrants while keeping out that bad guys but this would take a huge undertaking by our government... never gonna happen, but that is what needs to...

    So forget the beaner jokes... it is indeed bad taste especially when you realize most of these folks are coming here just to get their kids someplace where they can be safe...

    Well I'll get off my soapbox now so we can get on with our lives
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  9. Redneck Rebel

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    I tend to agree with most of the above.
    Even if you want to cry foul over the jobs issue, I say thats more a problem with the American mentality of wanting everything cheap than it is a problem caused by the illegals themselves. It would be much easier to crackdown on the employers than it would to stop the flood crossing the border. But cracking down on the employers would result in higher operating costs which would then result in higher costs for the American consumer. So rather than do that we can just pitch a bitch about border security, throw blame elsewhere, have our cake and eat it too.
  10. T.R

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    I would rather pay more and keep things written in ONE language ( English ! ) have secure borders , and be able to walk around my own country freely without having to worry about some drug smuggler or other piece of trash shooting at me . To the liberals who dont live in the southwest at " ground zero ", you have NO idea what your talking about , to those that have never grown up in a border town , you know nothing of the realities of what is going on . I am in favor of Legal immigration , my girl is an legal immigrant from Russia ( yes she is a US citizen ). I can tell you with experience that many of those coming over our southern border have no intention to assimilate , they have no intention to learn our language past just enough to get by , they have disdain for our cultual values ( treat women well and with respect , courtesy , politeness , dont be vulgar , etc. ) I can argue with just as strong evidence in crime that we absolutely need to seal up our borders . Prejudice ? well guess what , THEY taught me to be that way ! Through my sweety , I have met many others in her culture , I can honestly say that I wish I could swap out every illegal with a Russian , a Pole , or other european , quite honestly they would make a better match . My family knew that AZ rancher that got killed on his own land , in his own country by people coming over a free flow border ............ now you tell me if thats a good thing or not . Mexico is not the same country anymore either , I can remember when nobody felt any worries about going over there or felt unsafe being in a border town . The people co existed peacefully on their perspective sides of the "fence " . That was then ......this is now , the differences from then to now are so great in both mentality and action that you might as well be living on a different planet .How many are actually terrorists with fake paperwork and not Mexicans at all ? we dont know , but you can be sure they know about how easy it is to get here through our southern border . The other thing is that the drug cartels are so violent and brutal that the line between drug smuggler and terrorist is getting very, very blurred , so long story short , we ( the US ) have another threat in our back yard . Tell me if thats good for the nation ?
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  11. GrandpaDave

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    Last time I was in Juárez was this past May... we have a sister church down there and our church was taking a truck load of clothes and food, children's books... ya know pretty typical church stuff...

    anyway... At the border crossing we had to pick up an official escort... that never happened before... in the few miles between the border and the church we past 3 Mexican Army checkpoints, saw one body lying in the street, no one bothered to put a sheet over this guy... our escort told us ambulance drivers were getting scared to pick up those bodies... cartel members had been known to shot first responders for doing so...

    well we got to the church, spent an hour or so unloading when we started to hear gun fire off in the distance... our escort told us we better leave quick in case they were coming this way....

    Not much of a war story I know but that was what happened on my last trip down there... our church has no plans to make a return trip and I wouldn't go anyway...unless it was to recover a family member I'm not setting foot in that country... lord knows what its lie there today...
  12. Seawolf1090

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    Back in my Navy days, we had the distinction of being the last US Navy ship to have bus tours (escorted by a couple soldiers) through sunny (bomb-blasted) Beirut.

    Never did I dream that kind of foolishness would come to our southern border....... :rolleyes:
  13. Redneck Rebel

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    How does one go about filing a no confidence resolution against every cabinet member, congressman, and supreme court justice and other miscellaneous federal officials?

    Oh duh, nevermind, that's what our right to bear arms is for.
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  14. T.R

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    One solution is to Declare war on Mexico , only go in so far , then create a buffer nation out of the occupied territory between the United States and Mexico . Sort of what the western allies did after WW2 when they created Israel . Turn it over to the Nato member countries for settlement . That would solve a lot of problems for us , they would have to go through another country before reaching the US , especially if it is understood that is a condition for ending hostilities .
  15. Seawolf1090

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    A double fenceline with cameras, a one hundred yard 'exclusion zone' in a strip from one end to the other, gun-towers every thousand yards, predator drone patrols, troops stationed and patrolling at uneven times. Just a few ideas that would never fly in today's heady world of Political Correctness and UN-dictated 'foreign relations'.........
  16. mysterymet

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    Personally I don't care what color a person is or what religion they follow as long as they work hard, take responsibility for their own actions and don't pass judgement on me because of my color or religion. People who judge others based solely on color or religion are not using their heads for anything other than a hat rack.
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  17. Espada

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    Traditional Hispanic culture can involve some of the warmest, most courtly manners a Northern European could ever hope to experience. It can also be brutal, witness our southwestern border area nowadays. My paternal family resided in Eagle Pass, Texas, since 1858... I used to visit when I was a kid, and thought it the most wonderful place on Earth, both sides of the river - the culture flow was indistiguishable, with people on both sides having friends and family on each side.

    Not a family member is left there, now; they're all gone, especially the older generations, having been run out by punks who would push my old aunt off the sidewalk. The "La Raza" vituperative, getting revenge on Whitey, has taken over lots of people in Northern Mexico.

    My sympathies are with the decent people of that area who are not punks and criminals. But the Texas-Mexico border is just plain Third World and dangerous now.
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  18. T.R

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    And with all that going on , does that not call for a state of emergency to have such an unstable screwed up nation right next to us ? In the old days when we actually put the US first , we did something about it . Example in the past was when they sent General Pershing down to the boarder with an expeditionary force to keep their revolution out of our country ............... needs to happen again ! That country is a bigger threat than Al Quida or Hamas . Whats wrong with us ? are we so mamsy pamsy we wont get tough on an unacceptable security risk and danger to our citizens ? if so , we deserve everything we get . Your right about La Raza , I would also include the NAACP with them as a hate group .
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