Mosby Arizona in Autumn. Rifle and CQB.

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    We’ve got two open-enrollment classes scheduled in October, in the vicinity of Prescott, AZ.

    9-11 OCT, (FRI/SAT/SUN) we will offer a three-day Combat Rifle Class. The following weekend, 16-18 OCT, (FRI/SAT/SUN) we will offer a three-day CQB/Fighting in/around Structures class. Cost for these classes is $500/class/shooter. For students who are interested in attending both classes, we will offer a $100 discount off the total cost.

    Combat Rifle
    This is a beginner-to-intermediate level course on running your gun effectively, under field conditions. Beginning with basic square range work out to 200+ meter, focused on the fundamentals of marksmanship and effective gun-handling, this class advanced to critical decision-making skills development and discrimination and stress-fire shooting, before moving into application of the fighting rifle in a two-man team environment.

    CQB/Fighting In/Around Structures

    This course has not previously been available for open-enrollment courses. The course starts with close-quarters marksmanship realities and shooting in non-permissive environments, before moving into external movement in built-up areas, and room-clearing methodologies, before moving into methods of hardening structures to slow entry by hostiles. This class involves multiple iterations of both dry-fire and live-fire entries into single- and multiple-room structures in daylight and low-light. It also includes Force-on-Force entries, under varying conditions.

    For enrollment-specific information, please contact HH6 at

    For content-specific questions, contact me at

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