Arizona Minutemen called up to go to border.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by BAT1, Mar 19, 2010.

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    I hope that they have a great turnout. I have a lot of respect for the Minutemen on the borders.
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    I spoke with one of my contacts this afternoon and read the article to "them".
    I was told NOT to go to the site any more, nor to download anything from the site, nor to distribute their url via emails.....
    Not specifics were given, just a stout verbal warning......
    Too many things going on as of recent times, where and "infraction" of someone's, somewhere's, "policy" that can/will create a "file" that I would not want begun...
    That was quite a strained conversation....
    This contact will be out of reach for a week from today, and I'm hoping I can find out that time.
    ( the "rest" I cannot post nor relay in any form at this time )
    Lets' put it this way, "this individual went home on an "emergency" basis to "tend" to his family and home....."
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    I fear for these good folks. They are fed up with the FED's utter unresponsiveness and failure to protect the citizens of this nation against an invasion of criminals, and now they are getting ready to do what the have to. I support and applaud them.

    BUT...... given this current Misadministration's tactics regarding anyone not kowtowing to their rules - if one ILLEGAL ALIEN is shot or harmed during this event (even in self-defense), the DC lapdogs will bring the full force of Federal Hell down upon the good folks doing their duty. I hope they have very good legal help waiting, and will be waiting to see if the NRA or any other pro-gun groups provide any aid.
    The war has been waging for some time - now the shooting is about to start in earnest.
    I pray for the success and well-being of these fine folks in Arizona.
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