Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has 1 Million $ Bounty On head

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Watchman220, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Found this in another forum... it personally affects me as I live in Arizona.
    We are under attack...not yet by armies...but I have a feeling that is not to far away.

    Today, amongst the tea party endorsements of candidates and other political happenings; a story slipped under the radar about the Mexican Drug cartel putting a $1 million price on the head of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Threats against Arpaio are really nothing new, and they happen often, but ones of this amount coming from the drug cartel are taken a bit more serious. The FBI is now involved and is investigating the bounty.
    The Obama administration still has yet to comment on the bounty; if they even choose to do so at all. And that is what is so concerning. In reality a threat against an elected American official from a foreign entity is a threat against all of Arizona and the United States of America. A foreign criminal organization that controls the northern part of a country that borders the United States is allowed to state openly and unchecked that they will pay $1 million dollars to have a America citizen killed; and yet our top officials do not comment and still refuse to acknowledge that there is a real border security problem. Instead they turn the illegal immigration issue into a political football to be bounced back and fourth to be used in their own political agendas.

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    Things may have to be taken into private hands to stop this kind of thing.
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    I've got a saw buck that says he narrowly misses an attempted attack within the next month.
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    A million dollars. I'd gladly kill anyone in the cartel for free
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    Its not uncommon for border patrol, local law enforcement, and military members to have bounties on their heads in the border area. My brother-in-law is a Master SGT. in the Texas Air National Guard, after making a big bust while working in a taskforce he had a bounty put on his head. When my wife told me all I said was......"how much"? LOL!
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    National Guard is being used for civilian raids? Or do you mean CID type stuff within the military? You know what, nevermind. It just dawned on me that your brother-in-law may also be a cop. Yeah, I'm kinda slow sometimes.
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