Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce - Freedom Rally-SB1070

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    We The INFORMED People.

    Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce who wrote the SB1070 Anti-Illegal Imiigration bill is coming speak at Prescott Valley Freedom Rally, July 24th, 2010.

    Starts at 6:30 PM
    Ends at 8:30 PM

    Next to Prescott Valley Harkins Theatre in the Entertainment District right off of Highway 69.
    Mapquest Harkins Theatres, Prescott Valley to find the location.

    Senator Pearce will be speaking on the current situation for Arizona.
    Please call me if you are interested in details from our organization We The INFORMED People

    You can learn more about We The INFORMED People and the Freedom Rally by visiting or clicking this LINK


    Greg Eddolls
    Technical Director - We The INFORMED People

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