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    Why is this story not making all of the national news medias? Even friends of mine who live in the area have not heard about it. If this had of been a bunch of "right wing" bubba's it would have been major news.
    Something smells fishy here.

    Ark. doc arrested after large weapons cache found
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A doctor who had been sanctioned by Arkansas' medical board was arrested after federal agents found grenades, grenade launchers and more than $1 million worth of machine guns in and around his home. But authorities said Friday the arrest is not tied to a recent bombing that critically wounded the board's chairman.
    Dr. Randeep Mann, an internal medicine specialist from London, Ark., was arrested by federal agents Wednesday. He appeared Thursday before a federal magistrate on a charge of possession of an unregistered firearm and was scheduled for a bond hearing Monday.
    In an affidavit, David Oliver, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, says ATF agents and state police officers interviewed Mann on Feb. 4, the day a bomb exploded in the West Memphis driveway of Dr. Trent Pierce. Pierce remains in critical condition in a Memphis, Tenn., hospital.
    Oliver says Mann showed investigators a grenade launcher that day that he legally owned.
    State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said he couldn't say if the Feb. 4 interview was part of the West Memphis bombing investigation because it is ongoing. But ATF agent Austin Banks said Mann's arrest was not tied to the bombing investigation.
    In the affidavit, Oliver says agents searched Mann's home Wednesday in London, 175 miles west of West Memphis, after city workers found a canister of 98 grenades -- the kind used in grenade launchers -- buried in a field near the home and notified the Pope County sheriff's office.
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    Feds: Ark. doctor's father an arms dealer
    A federal agent says the father of an Arkansas doctor accused of stockpiling more than $1 million worth of fully automatic machine guns in his home is a known international arms dealer.
    Echo of gunfire, questions follow arrested doctor HYPERLINK "/city/london-ar/2009/03/echo-of-gunfire-questions-follow-arrested-doctor"
    On a cliff overlooking Lake Dardanelle, the sound of automatic gunfire occasionally broke the quiet in the luxury enclave of four homes.
    The noise didn't bother Dr. Randeep Mann's neighbors, who knew through conversation or gossip that he had amassed a large collection of firearms in his expansive brick home. The 50-year-old had a federal license to sell machine guns and his large family kept mostly to themselves, though their dachshunds would wander into other yards.
    But complaints about patient deaths and allegations over pain-pill prescriptions slowly built up against Mann, a naturalized U.S. citizen from India. Federal agents raided his home March 4 over a buried cache of grenades, raising new questions about the man living in the shadow of the state's only nuclear power plant.
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    "Shadow of the states only nuclear power plant"? What, are nuclear plants that vulnerable to a grenade or automatic weapon? Ifn your fathers a arms dealer, why would BATF give this doc a FFL license? Had he been arested 20years ago for fighting chickens he could'nt have even gotten a CCW permit.
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