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    I am a student of military history and in particular military strategy and tactics. I have been a chess player since age 5 and love anything strategical. I came across this magazine a couple of years ago and have had a subscription since.

    It has very good articles on great military stratagists. But the coolest thing they have is in every issue they will have two or three interactive "You make the decision" scenarios. They take actual combat situations and give you the "briefing" and then you decide your course of action. You turn to this page if you decide to attack, this page if you decide to flank etc. Some of them you fill out your "Battle Plan" on a from and send it in. The correct solution is announced in a later issue and the first one to submit the winning plan wins prizes. It is a very eye opening and fun exercise in tactical manuvering and thought.

    One month in the interactive scenario you may be a German tank commander at the battle of El Alamien. The next you may be Horatio Nelson battling Napolean's navy at Aboukir Bay.

    Check it out. A well developed "Strategic" mindset could be an invaluable asset in a survival situation. Especially in a post SHTF world.
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