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    -Armchair Survivalist No More-*
    My name is Anthony my friends call me Mojo or surviver man. I have been living the last 9 months on the road, doing what i can to live off the land or with the land. Harvesting wild edible plants, mushrooms & herbs, fishing & hunting small game. I lived in the Shasta-Trinity National forest for 7 months this past year, and planning to go back this spring soon as the snow melts a bit. Last year I made it to Shasta on may 5th with little snow still on the ground.

    I'm looking for people that want to join me in this adventure and come to the forest and live what you have been learning. If you can't, at least come out and spend a week with us, teach us what you know what you have learned. We will be glad to do the same.

    Here is my contact info
    Cell 707-623-2731
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    Wow that is getting it done now, I commend you, but I do have a question for you...... what kind of preps have you made to be able do accomplish this ? and what have you got cached to be able to survive out there?
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    If you are careful you can steal from the growers living in the woods and dont need to prepare. This is now major league growing area. I would be very careful where you go out there.
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    I think this kind of survival doesn't rely on preps... A keen mind and a sharp knife is the adventure he's talking about. Thanks for the post - I'd love to embark on something like this.
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    Wild living last year

    And knowing what kinds of wild foods you can eat.

    Anything i can 100% identify as a wild food ill harvest and eat it, i also have been gathering medicinal herbs. here is a small list from last year dandelion, wild onion, wild garlic, wild carrot, Yampa, False Salomon's Seal berry,*serviceberry,*elder berry, black berry, thimble berry,*Currant berry*wild strawberry, goose berry, hazel nut, mushrooms: *white matsutake , morels, shaggy manes, scaly Chantalles , medicinal: saint john wart, mullein, willow bark, Yarrow

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    sounds manly, but Im more into comfort and having back up, just in case it gets -40 as it does every year LOL, I like a house around me and my food to be readily available. Have fun :)
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