Armed Bystander Stops Mass Shooting at Portland Strip Club – Where is the Mainstream Media?

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    iStock_000019342448XSmall-300x199. Where’s the mainstream media on this one? Oh, it doesn’t fit their anti-gun narrative, got it.

    Here we have yet another example of an armed individual stopping a mass shooter. Surprisingly, this happened in one of the hipster capitols of the US, Portland, OR.

    According to KGW, a man entered the Mystic Gentleman’s Club in Portland, OR and opened fire.

    Three people, including a security guard were hit by gunfire. It’s entirely possible that far more people could have been shot, however the shooter did not suspect that he would encounter an armed citizen.

    An armed bystander drew a firearm and opened fire on the gunman, hitting and disabling him.

    All four injured people, including the shooter, survived the incident. The gunman and the security guard are both in critical condition. The other two victims were treated and released for non life threatening injuries.

    According to media reports, detectives say that the shooting was not gang related and there are no other suspects. This leads us to believe this was a lone gunman committing a mass shooting. He was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

    According to KGW,

    “Portland is a safe city; however, gun violence is pervasive. As we’ve seen elsewhere, it’s really easy for someone with a gun to hurt a lot of people,” said Sgt. Greg Stewart with the Portland Police Bureau.
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    Does the law in Oregon allow for CC in an bar/tavern/strip club? In Washington we are not allowed to CC a weapon into a bar. I hate that provision of the license..... as that seems to be a common place where incidents occur. I wonder if you saved the day by taking down an active shooter in that environment, would they prosecute you for violating the ban on CC in that location and strip you of the license? My guess is it depends on the cops doing the investigation...
  3. ditch witch

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    Ditto Texas... it's the 51 rule, 51% of income derives from drinks then you no carry. It'll be interesting to see which way this goes. If they do I would not be surprised to see the guy who shot the gunman brought up on charges.
  4. DarkLight

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    Glad that we fixed that here in NC several months ago. You can carry in an establishment that serves alcohol as long as a) you don't consume and b) it isn't posted.

    It's always been an exception that you could carry (and not consume) if you were a) in the employ of the proprietor (even part time), b) on the job at the time and c) obviously not partaking.

    I have a friend that carries at a local bar and has for quite some time, including before the law changed. He knew the owner and had been told "if there's trouble and you have to use it, I'll say you were working 'security' for me."
  5. Tracy

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    The shooter was the other armed security guard.

    Yes, you can carry concealed in an establishment.

    I don't believe he will be charged. The owner speaks highly of him (and her other employees).

    I heard good things about this (bad guy is stopped by good guy) on mainstream media news last night.

  6. Sojourn

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    In Washington we are not allowed to protect ourselves in a joint because of the law. I would say, all we are allowed to do is pray for someone to save our butt in a shooting action, but that would be frowned upon in this liberal land. I guess they want us to be resolved to die like the weak slave the government would like us to be. I think otherwise and will continue to carry regardless of a stupid law and if needed, pay the price for saving my butt.
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    Read in a publication some time ago that the majority of the bad incident's involving CC took place in and around establishments that served booze..
  8. fmhuff

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    4S rule's apply. Glad it didn't end up worse.
  9. Pax Mentis

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    Same rule in Oregon
  10. Quigley_Sharps

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  11. kellory

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    Obviously, there must have been an accomplice.
  12. VHestin

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    You may not be able to protect yourself IN a joint, but in Washington state I believe you can protect yourself WITH a joint.
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  13. BTPost

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    "Like Hey Man.... Chill.... and take few Hits on this......."
  14. Dont

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    Perhappes they are counting on a much more mellow climate with all that second hand pot smoke..
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