Armed in America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by badkarma, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Kyle Cassidy is a photojournalist releasing a book 'Armed America, A portrait Of gun Owners in Their Homes',an un-biased look at a cross section of people who own guns in America. - Armed In America
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    Looks good.
  3. <exile>

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    It is nice that people volunteered to be photographed like that, not sure how comfortable I'd be having my face and firearms out there for everyone. Only saw one person in the video who covered their face.
  4. Minuteman

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    I have the book. It is good. A conglomeration of different people. The comments are intersting. Many are encouraging, a few worrying, and a couple infuriating.
  5. CBMS

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    Well the Photographer seemed a bit overwhelmed at the idea of what he was doing. I think he probably started out with a bit of a liberal bias, but soon learned who actually owned guns.
    I would like to pick it up.
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