Armed Police Stopping Drivers In U.K.?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by LondonCalling, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. LondonCalling

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    This is strange, as they dont need to stop anyone for any motoring inquiries as it is all stored on Number plate recognitions systems APNR, which allows them to know if the vehicle / drivers has insurence, MOT and tax...even more strange why the Armed Police.

    More like "Hey citizen..your I.D. Now" !!
  2. Brokor

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    Yeah that island is gonna burn, Dog.
  3. SLugomist

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    Coming to a republic near you!!!
  4. Tango3

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    The world has gone mad... :(
  5. toemag

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    APNR is only as good as the system that it is attached to, ie., if the insurance companies don't report the facts asap the system isn't up to date, and if the Armed Police officers wish to use the vehicle check points as a training exercise, great, a waste of manpower maybe, but at least they are doing something useful (for a change).

    I agree they may have been a bit over gunned with the carbine's, but in an emergency they'd be expected to have them, and be proficient in their use.

    Just a few of my thoughts on this one.

  6. Brokor

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    Forcing an individual to pay exorbitant fees and taxes is not only wrong and immoral, it is the very reason why America exists today. [troll]

    The only thing worse : People who openly support their police state schemes because they simply do not know any better.
  7. toemag

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    Sorry if you thought that I was supporting or in agreement in anyway with what is happening in the UK, as I'm not. There is no diplomatic way of dealing with the state of affairs in the UK., as they are at this moment in time. They have effectively divided and conquered the sheeple on so many front's.

    In the news at the moment in the UK.

    I had had enough back in the 80's and decided to get out while I was still young enough to do so, Germany may have deteriorated in the last decade or so but the UK is deteriorating at warp speed, as you can see from the news items I linked.

    German cop's are always armed, with their hand guns, and it is a big thing if they get the MP5's out. The UK., seem to think that they need to have the CRW (counter revolutionary warfare) team out for any and every outing, even something as mundane as VCP's, fine their decision, who am I to judge them.

  8. Brokor

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    Yes, I have no idea what the people can do at this point besides try to unite and fight virtually weaponless against the armies of the British Isles. When they gave up their weapons, I believe it was the final chance they really had...and even back then it was less than precarious. This is no time to point fingers or place blame, that time has long passed. It is either action -or complete slavery and despotism as a result of generations of indifference. The bright side is, hopefully...a New World Order may not be as bad as it is foreshadowed to become. Perhaps this is what you are expected to believe...

    But somehow I think that we here at the Monkey know better...history proves to us that tyrants and dictatorships never really operate with the best interests of the people in mind. Of course, these types of societies have a habit of self-destruction in time. The ultimate price to be paid ends up being too costly...but we never seem to learn, do we? Churchill warned us, one among the many who have stood up and plainly forewarned the people about the terrible effects of our inherent nature. This time around, however, we are dealing with massive numbers of supporters of despotism who live amongst us and further threaten any chance to resist tyranny and oppression. Our enemies are not necessarily armies and police who out-gun us, or the phony leadership that offers peace by Hegelian tactic. The greatest enemy we face is indifference itself, brought on by our own fears and misconceptions -our distaste for true liberty and freedom has inevitably brought about this machination of terror, and our lack of understanding has caused the ones we empower to become the masters of our very temporary existence. Perhaps it is best that we slowly diminish and retire into the pages of history, to be surely written by the elite who share their vision with others who still manage to escape their grasp. Perhaps one day a new generation of people will look back and realize our mistakes and actually strive to not make the same ones...perhaps only in this way the dead may finally be vindicated.

    Who knows? Who ever knows, really.
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