Armed Private Security in Public Venues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ura-Ki, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. VHestin

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    Living in Oregon, maybe I should just go with one of my plans and never go outside. I think I always look hinky :)
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  2. jim2

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    I've spent some time working armed security while in college, and while some of them did/do fit this derscription, a bunch don't, they're just trying to make a living like every one else. As for shooting, it isn't difficult to do as well as a leo, and the gents I worked with did a lot better.

    Further, I can't begin to tell you how many times some dumbass would come up to us and start shooting off his mouth and causing trouble because he knew a cop would arrest him, and we couldn't. Mostly, we were under orders to ignore and let them go, and that's what we did. Some jobs required a direct approach, and that's what we did. I was then and still am able to protect people in a crowd quite a bit better than they can themselves.

    I do believe in property rights, and if they won't let you defend yourself, then the vendor should be required to provide for your defense. Best yet is everyone skilled and trained for self defense.

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  3. chimo

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    I just happen to have one of these security guards with me here. Sir, what is your role in guarding these movie theaters?

    "Uh, dude, we're not really guards, we're more like monitors"

    So, if you see someone causing trouble what do you do?

    "uh, we tell you 'ladies and gentlemen, someone is causing trouble', then call the cops"

    Thank you...back to you, Bambi.
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  4. Olympic mountain man

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    that's why I stay with Netflix lol
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  5. Brokor

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    All police should be privatized and never corporatized.
    I guess I just made that word up, but it gets the point across.
    Sheriffs, on the other hand are Constitutionally bound and elected. They are law enforcers. The good kind of "cop". Well, they are supposed to be, and many still are.

    It makes me think, if these security guards help keep psychos from shooting people up in gun free zones, and we're probably never going to have total acceptance of gun carry for civilians, maybe it's not so bad. I mean, it beats the tar out of TSA standing there at the theaters, right? Remember, criminals prefer unarmed civilians. I second the Netflix idea. :lol:
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  6. ghrit

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    Hm. So the private corporations should hire their own security? Not a bad plan at that, so long as they stay on their side of the property lines ---

    Estimated effects:
    Reduced taxes, no cops to support. A good thing.
    Increased prices to pay for the security. Maybe not such a good thing.
    When off the private property, people are then responsible for their own security. I can buy into that.
    Increased quantities of sheriff's deputies to cover some of what the cops used to do. Might have an effect on taxes.

    Overall outlook, might be a wash. Dunno.
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  7. Olympic mountain man

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    im kinda like you Ura-Ki people are safer when they just leave me the hell alone and just piss off ;)
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  8. Ura-Ki

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    Maybe I am just a stick in the mud! I just cant wrap my head around this concept of armed security in public!
  9. chimo

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    We ARE armed security in public...we just don't get paid for it. Schmucks-r-us :D
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  10. cpaspr

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    Well, I live in Oregon, but not near Beaverton. As has been said, they're not LEOs. All they are is armed hall monitors. And while a theater might be posted as a no guns zone, it is not a crime to ignore that posting. What is a crime is if you are asked to leave, for any or no reason, and refuse to comply. Then you would be trespassing. That you might be legally carrying a gun at the time is not relevant in this state.

    That said, their presence might deter some dim bulb from pulling an Aurora style shooting in that they're closer than cops in a car somewhere out on the streets who knows how far away. But if their presence doesn't deter said dim bulb, them ignorantly bursting in to a darkened theater guns-a-blazin might end up with them shooting innocents, including good guys who ignored the signs (or didn't see them) who are more knowledgeable about who needs shooting at the moment and who doesn't.

    Of course, the first time that scenario happens it will be the last time. The theater owner who hired them will be sued for everything they have.
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  11. medicineman

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    Since that (ARMED SECURITY) is what I do for a living now, I will just say that it is ALL LEGAL and leave it at that.
    You should be glad they have spent the money to chase off the thugs and dregs.

    Just don't get the mistaken idea we are all "Paul Blart".
    And maybe the guy DID know you were armed and just did not care..... Like "I" wouldn't.
  12. Lone Gunman

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    Not that I'm a germaphobe; but I generally avoid crowds; and I haven't been to a public movie theater in, well, decades!

    Here, in Pennsylvania, all armed 'Certified Agents' AND 'Privately Employed Agents' are required to: take, pass, and adhere to what is called, 'Act 235' legislation. Periodic recertification is also required. Act 235 clearly states what both law enforcement, and private security personnel, both, can and cannot do with a gun or other weapon.

    All this being said and understood: 'Concealed means concealed.'
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