Armed society iz a polite society

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    Texas man guns down couple over dog poop on his porch | The Raw Story

    “I heard about eight or nine gunshots just go off, ‘Bow, bow, bow,’ like three separate times,” resident Michael Issa told KXAS. “It was like, first there was two or three, then there was a pause for like 30 or 40 seconds and then there was another three or four shots, and there was a pause, and a couple more shots.”

    “I waited for like three or four minutes and I ain’t hear nothing. I came outside to smoke a cigarette and look upstairs and there’s feet hanging over my head,” he recalled.

    STOP SAYING "like" in almost every sentence damnit!
    Oh...and stay off mah lawn.
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    Shooting the dog might have been the kinder doesn't deserve owners like that.
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    I have nothing nice to say about any party involved, even the murderous neighbor filled with rage, their 700 children or the fact that the English language escapes them all.
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