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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Brokor, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Follower color is not a good indicator. I ordered, from Brownell's extra yellow, as well as tan. Yellow for my older Magazines as a way to know what series mag I was using.

    I have some origiginal COLT 30 round mags with new springs and Yellow followers as well as the new Tan Brownells.

    Gray is also used.

    What's in the supply line and what the Mil is ordering is beyond my pay grade.

    "Brownells calls them.
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    Here is a comparison of a Magpul and new USGI Tan follower:

    I put magpul followers in my old green follower mags. All the new ones I've bought are the new USGI tan follower- saves me a few bucks on buying the magpul follower. You can find new, in wrap USGI mags (tan follower) as low as $7 each. :)

    ETA: The tan follower is the new USGI standard. I have some from Center Industries and Brownells. The green follower is to be used until exhausted- tan followers are already in the system in most places. People seem to refer to the tan follower as the "Brownells", but it is a proprietary DOD design being used by all magazine contractors. Brownells was just the first to release it to the civilian market.
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    BTW, IF you want to replace the green followers in the older Brownell 20 round curved Mags, you will have to do a bit of file work on the spot weld in the curved section.

    Works fine then.
  4. Old thread, but I figured I'd dig it up anyway so as to not redundantly make a new one for such a trivial question.

    Does anyone here use the Brownell AR magazines? I'm going to order a bunch because I'm late to to whole "get them before the are banned" party... so I'm just fishing for possible opinions.

    Saw them (new) for $20 apiece which isn't getting raped too bad. Would be nice if Brownell's stock wasn't wiped out and you could still get them for the normal $12'ish.

    Also saw some of the newer Lancer mags going for $22 which I hear are good. Gen 3 P-Mags seem to have transmuted to the rare-Earth element Unobtanium right now.
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    Brownell's aluminum Mags are as good as it gets. They do a quality control inspection of zero tolerence. You can find it on their site.
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    I've seen them start to recover locally.

    Lancer 20 round mags are available at a local shop for $15. I found Pmags (limit 2 per customer) for $17. USGI mags still show up on Armslist for $15. Whoever is buying from the price gougers, they must not be looking too hard.
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    Brownell's are good quality and Cabela's has had D&H gi mags online and in stores for the past month for about $20 each. Get Magpul followers, too.
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    Thanks for this!!! I signed up after reading your post and got an email today that they were in stock, jumped right on it and so far my order was confirmed.
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