ARMY done gone full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jul 23, 2015.

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    So, dis-arming your soldiers is a safety measure, but armed citizens protecting un-armed soldiers is a threat.

    I'll tell you what a threat is, someone screaming "aloha snackbar" while shooting at people that can't defend themselves.

    Must be a one of them peace-lovers--they do that kind of thing all the time. They love peace so much, they want to kill everyone.

    Army to recruiters: Treat armed citizens as security threat - U.S. - Stripes
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    Let me see here... The troop's are told to look at civilians as threats, then it may make them more easily conditioned to fire on the same civilians? I wonder if this is the start of a trend, or is a continuation of a trend.. Perhapes we could see another "bonus marcher" incident in the making..
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    My son was a recruiter but carried all the time. Gave him a little gub style Colt stainless 380 before his first deployment. On his sixth now and 20 yrs later. Mighty proud of my "youngin". If you have loved ones then tell them to carry---rules or no rules----better to spend time in the brig than the cemetery.
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    I can see both sides of this as it is a great way of putting someone in position to attack.

    However, the vast majority of these groups have been known to each other. And very likely have talked with the recruiters so far and let them know they would be out there. And these concerned citizens are by and large doing what the military can't and won't do. I'd be willing to bet pennies to dollars the idiot that came up with that "treat others like a threat" memo sits behind armed checkpoints and inside a well guarded installation. It's so easy to say "piss on the public who's outreach has been nothing short of overwhelming during this trying time and treat them like a threat" when you have men and women with guns protecting you.

    Almost every day I look at the decisions being made in the military and thank God each and every time I retired when I did. I thought it was a bad decision when I did, but more and more I see the fact I could not have continued to perform under the idiocy the military has become.
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    This country exists because men with guns have been willing to go into harms way to protect her. I see no difference in civilians taking up arms to protect our military when they can't.

    Our leaders are fools...
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    First of all, if these guys were serious about guarding these places, they shouldn't be standing in the kill zone. If they were former military types they would know this. Also, a Marine recruiter probably wouldn't have too many complaints if it were former Marines out front.
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    The world is getting more and more backwards by the moment.
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    America is about distraction right the wolves don't wake the sheep.......
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    I am thinking by now that it is a proven conclusion that armed force recruiting offices are targets of terrorism. A couple that are fairly recent come to mind. Other than a recruiting office I can not think of a government office that does not have armed security, the post office being the exception, at least where I live. Even the forest service offices downtown have security. Hell the forest service office has rangers and they carry. Why hasn't the government hired arm security. As far as allowing service men to carry, why not. Who is really going to be surprised seeing a weapon inside of a military recruiting office. But I do not think that the recruiters should be responsible for providing for their own security, professional armed security is called for, in my opinion.
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    As a former recruiter, I have to say that I would be thankful for the outpouring of local community support to ensure my office/fellow soldiers... and my ass was safe. I always had a firearm nearby either on me or in the car. At the same time, I could have been subjected/penalized under the UCMJ for that action.... the risk of being safe was worth it to me.

    Due to the lack of spine by our leadership....they have no plan nor do they have any concern if a couple of low level mil guys gets whacked by some radicalized muzzie..... in the same vein that they do not give a crap about any other person in this nation..... unless they can use it for political leverage in some manner. The fed is all about using people as tools to get power over all of us..... we have no say, we only think we do.... democracy in
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    Military has redecorated recruitment centers- no need for armed guards.

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