Army puts in an order for 100k M9's

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CATO, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Ive learned over the years that that M9 pistol is best used as a blunt force object.BUT,,,you can always use a bungie pistol lanyard and swing it around like a morning star.I think they should go ahead and add a spikes upgrade to it.There should be TTPs on that.
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  3. CATO

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    Did it malfunction on you? Or, did it just not have enough stopping power?

    What do you prefer as a sidearm?
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    You know the old saw about why someone carries a .45? Because they don't make a .46. Start there. I absolutely despise my M9. If someone gave me a new M9, I would sell it and buy something else.

    They have poor stopping power and are clunky.
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    I have yet to hear someone actually say "I love my Beretta!"
    My personal experience is one of bad ergonomics.
    My wife's experience with them is that they are single shot pistols that hold a lot of bullets. She got very good at racking the slide. She still qualified expert, though.
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    For me it's near half century with a colt or colt pattern .45acp.I know what it does at what range.My wife prefers her nine even though she is more proficient(on paper) with the 1911 because the full out 230gr. ball recoils more. The Beretta just doesn't fit right in my hand.
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    I hate the M9.

    I prefer many guns over it, an XD would rule. They should just return to the 1911 or at the very least contract Glock to come up with something. Maybe a .40 military Glock contract would be in the realm of intelligent...not very Army-like. I would like to see it be all-American, so perhaps a S&W MP style handgun...if they are all US made, that would be awesome. What the heck am I saying? We are stuck with the M9.
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    I've got a crap ton of Garand M1 Enbloc for the trading post at this point. Unless of course we start re-importing them from South Korea. Then, I'm gonna have enough that i won't need to pick them as soon as they eject!

    That being said. I kinda like the M9 / 92fs for it's barrel length. I'm more accurate with the longer barrel (sight radius). Just my opinion.
  10. Pyrrhus

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    Not everyone is stuck. :cool:
  11. Byte

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    I liked my 92fs. Wish I hadn't sold it. Ah well young and dumb. Should have bought an fc (13rnd & slightly smaller) though and 30 or so mags.

  12. hot diggity

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    I'm no fan of the M9. Maybe it was the fact that I'd been shooting the M1911 for half my military career when the M9 came on the scene. Maybe it was having to make so many changes in the way I shot a pistol to shoot the M9 well. Maybe it was the itty-bitty 9mm round that didn't inspire much confidence, especially when we trained from the start to double-tap. If I had to choose a 9mm I'd much rather have the Ruger P85 as a replacement for the M1911. The P85 is a brick, no doubt, but it is tough.

  13. Silversnake

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    Maybe it's not based on Army needs, but due to the fact the factory which makes them for the Army is in Democrat Steny Hoyer's congressional district (Accocheek, Maryland)?
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  14. VisuTrac

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    being a 9mm makes it easy to replenish from other UN troops. Just putting that out there.
  15. jim2

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    The UN troops replenish from US.

    As far as the Beretta goe: I think someone in Procurement read too much Mack Bolan as a kid.

    The Marines just placed an order for several thousand improved 1911's, and it might reach the 200K mark.

    I've carried/owner a 1911a1 since 1974, and feel that it is all I need. A G21 Glock wouldn't bother me though.
  16. CATO

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    Before I knew about prepping and then making the decision to consolidate calibers to .45ACP**, I used to like terms of having different ones...different calibers. But now, **my goal is to have several guns of the same caliber (.45) and preferably the same magazines. I still have the guns I had before...I have a 92FS, and some other 9mms, .38s, .380s, a Python, a .40, and a Colt 10mm (it was cheap [dunno]) , but, I'm not buying ammo in bulk for them (except for the 9s). Magazines are just too pricey and for the most part, so is ammo for a few of them. I might be able to trade them one day, but, I'm not going to "depend" on them.

    However, if things went back to some sense of normalcy, I would like to have one of the Sigs that you can just change the barrel out on (9mm, .40, and .357Sig). That is a cool concept.

    The same goes for long guns: I would like to have a 6.5 Grendel and blow some real $ on a .338 Lapua....but, it's stupid to do that with ammo at $50 a box, so I'm settled on .308. Collecting guns is not a distraction to be afforded to the prepper. Money spent on a novelty could certainly be used to buy more preps. I still have a couple of bolt-actions I've never fired...never got around to it and needed a long distance range.
  17. Warscent

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    The issue M9s malfunction regularly in the field no matter how much you baby them. They CANNOT handle even slight dust or sand well at all, but half of the time its due to the shitty reused mags not feeding well enough. The safety is usually really tight causing the user to finish flipping it up a bit late on the draw or failing to flip it completely due to tired or sweaty thumbs regardless of how proficient they are with the pistol. This is quite common on the firing line, but the biggest pain in the ass to me is the 1 ton trigger pull. No matter how much I've trained with the pistol I always have to use an alternate trigger finger due to index muscle failure at some point during heavy shooting such as dumping 4-5 mags after a transition.Ive used and deployed with M-9s from Army and Marines/Navy with no diff in quality. The gun overall feels like you have a brick strapped to your leg that shoots like a total POS.
    Heres my POS.
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    I thought .mil (USMC) ordered a bunch of 1911s? Like many things in life we all have our opinions. I had a boatload of handguns over the years (Glock, Smiths, Colts, etc) but for me I really enjoy my Beretta 90-two. My hand is XL-XXl, so it fits my paw. It balances great. Yes, it is heavy but that is what I needed due to my various spine problems - minimal recoil. The worst piece again for me was a compact Glock in .40. It was very snappy, enough so it reverberated up to my shoulder/neck - 200 rounds and I was toast for a few days. Both my grandsons carried the non-loved M9 in combat. Neither used it as they always used their carry weapon.
    When the 90-two came out I thought the curves gave it a cool for me look. Apparently the rest of the world disagrees as it certainly has not been a best seller. My range experience has confirmed that it is a great piece for me to shoot. Just for a hoot I shot at the 50yd metal targets at the pistol range when I first got the gun. I finally got over my initial shock of consistent hits I got cocky and started to miss :eek:
    BTW, it is my EDC with a Smith airweight 36 as my ankle carry.
  19. Ronin65

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    Hmmmmm...wonder if they had to make a bulk order of 1911's like that. Probably not since WWI....LOL! Beretta's are nice but not my idea of a combat pistol.
  20. Hispeedal2

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    I never had a Beretta jam on me. I have seen others jam- no lubrication is usually the culprit.

    I can't say it's my favorite, but it always worked. I carried mine safety off in a Safariland holster. The long DA trigger pull makes this a viable option.

    My preference is for Sigs these days. The 1911 is gone the way of competent gunsmiths- bye-bye. The reality is that depot level maintenance is to the point where hanging parts is the norm. From a cost standpoint, that makes sense. Time and training $$ spent on tweaking and fitting 1911 parts could easily be spent on buying new pistols with longer service lives easier parts replacement. I think a Glock would be the best, overall option.
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