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    whats this missile on top the humvee is that mobile anti- aircraft site?? I don't see any radars. this was recently setup in savanna ga in a field outside the airport.

    Topic started on 7-1-2010 Need people with military backgrounds for some input on this one. Left work yesterday and took a different route home. Just north of the Savannah International Airport there is an open grass field parallel along Gulfstream Road. It's not used for anything other than an occasional blimp landing since the actual airport cannot support them. However in this open field there was a small military post set up at the east end, it included a fairly large tent, a Humvee with missile launchers on the back, an aerial antenna of some sort, and surrounding the entire encampment was a double layer of [COLOR=#D0D060 ! important][COLOR=#D0D060 ! important]razor[/COLOR][/COLOR] wire. I noticed 3 fully geared military personnel milling about around the tent, though I could not tell if any were armed or what branch of military they are from. As I kept driving I saw an almost identical setup at the west end of this field. So today I grabbed the digi and planned to take the same route home today. Made a few inquires around work and a couple people noticed them too and said they had been there since this Monday, 1/4/2010(possibly through last weekend) So it got to quiting time and I headed off with my [COLOR=#D0D060 ! important][COLOR=#D0D060 ! important]camera[/COLOR][/COLOR]. Made a couple passes, got noticed on the second pass but nothing more than them turning their heads as I passed slightly slower snapping away.
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    Well, it looks much like the TOW missile launcher, but that is near obsolete due to the Javelin system, although I have heard that the TOW is still being used. In case you are wondering, the TOW (vehicle mounted version of the M47 Dragon) is an anti-armor missile, which is wire guided. The Javelin is entirely laser fired, and fire-forget, utilizing an advanced optic (CLU).

    I do not know the exact nomenclature of the launcher, but this one is auto controlled, versus the smaller, single fired older vehicle mounted versions.
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    So its part of a battery controlled elsewhere(?)"Wireguided"would be anti armor( or ground target) definitely not anti aircraft.
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    Now that's something you don't see everyday!
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    Nothing there is used against people. The tent is a GP Medium, antenna is a basic OE-254 for commo, a HMMV with anti-armor TOW, a diesel generator, and a LOT of C-wire. Perhaps a NG training op to secure off airport in case of heightened alert? The vehicle isn't important, especially if it is NG since they cannot even draw large cal ammo on a moments notice. I doubt even rifle ammo could be drawn faster than half a day, but that may have changed. The state run NG is not efficient enough to respond with firepower, but they can add support and utilizing old vehicles like what is pictured, offer a little deterrence.
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