Armys new Sig drops Baretta

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Oddcaliber, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Maybe my tin foil is a bit too tight but here goes. Watching a YT video of the army doing training with the new Sig pistol. Its got more problems than a math exam! The current Beretta M9 is going to be taken out of service. This is where the tin foil comes in to play. Beretta left Maryland and moved to Tennessee because of some stupid magazines capacity law passed in Maryland. Beretta basically told them to go F#$% yourself and moved taking not only jobs but the people too! And Beretta offered to pay for the move if the employees wanted to live in Tennessee. Now some pissed off politicians are trying to get the army to buy Sigs. What do you think?
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    Sig P226 never failed me
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  3. oil pan 4

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    I always hated the m9 until I shot one for the first time, qualified expert and carried one in Afghanistan, then I got one.
    Unless sig designed a new gun just for the army with unusual features then I doubt it will have any problems.
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    It's a Sig P 320
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    Dunno...I never liked the Beretta and the Sigs have always been great gun. I am glad they are getting rid of the Beretta even though I am no longer in. They were a big problem for female troops due to grip size.
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  7. DKR

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    My son (an 0311 Grunt) did not carry his issue M-9 while in country, seems the problem was the lowest bidder / POS magazines. His normal 2nd weapon was a shotty -
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  8. Ura-Ki

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    Ha, I guess I'm the loan wolf here, I loved my M-9! Only thing that would have been better was to have it in something other then 9mm! Even in .40 Short and Weak would have ben better, but I still loved my M-9!
    Then they came and took them away......................and issued us Delta Elites in 10 mm! Never looked at a Beretta the same way again! Then they took the Colts and gave us Glocks, in 9 mm again!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    We screamed and bitched and threatened and they finally gave us back our Colts, only this time in .45 APC!(y):D Oh, Well, better then another 9 mm!
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  9. v0lcom13sn0w

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    i heard if you drop those sig p320 contraptions down a flight of stairs they become fully automatic.

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  10. BTPost

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    [sarc1]Just the FireArm to equip every GangBanger with in every Hood High School, with... [sarc2]
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    I qualified Expert with the 1911 and the M9, but I had to completely relearn pistol shooting between the two. I found that at 25 yards the M9 worked best using the Weaver stance and a very light grip,while the 1911 liked a firm grip and traditional isosceles stance.
    I carried an issued M9 until I retired, and have no nostalgic attraction to it. I always felt it was chunky and overly complicated.

    I'll have to wait and see what the Army Ordnance Corps folks can do to screw up any new pistol. They nearly destroyed Stoner's M16 design with a powder change. I'll pick on the Marine Corps here too. The new 1911 CQBP that the MARSOC guys were so happy to see a couple years ago got "improved" somewhere along the line with a new coating to make it more resistant to something. This improvement altered the clearances to the point where the pistols wouldn't function reliably. The fix for this? Glock 19. I spoke to a Major from MARSOC at the time, and this wasn't the usual military bureaucracy making a decision. It was Marine Raider leadership, the actual trigger pullers, with no time to wait, just going out and buying what they could get right now that worked.

    I'll stick with John Moses Browning's 1911.
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  12. oil pan 4

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    On the original stoner ar15 what was the original powder he used?
    Ball powder like 748 seems to work well.
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  13. hot diggity

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    IMR 4475 was the original powder.
    Olin Ball powder made the same pressure, but at a different burn rate and with significantly more carbon build up. The result was a higher cyclic rate on full auto, with extraction issues and gas system fouling.
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  14. 3M-TA3

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    Which along with hype that the rifle didn't need cleaning (hence no cleaning kits were issued) gave the M16 an undeserved reputation for being unreliable that has never fully gone away.
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  15. Ura-Ki

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    And then they switched to M855 to gain back range and accuracy with the short barrel M-4 and screwed the whole thing up again!!! Talk about Ice Picking, I would rather have key holing any day! One of the big reasons I hated them for so long! Now as a civilin with no conventions of war hanging over my head, it' actually a pretty darn handy little carbine with "Proper Ammo" that is not only accurate at range, it hits hard and expands nicely!

    Very first issue side arms were nice little Smith&Wesson .38s but were quickly withdrawn in favor of the M-9 which gave us a nice full size side arm with a really good capasity! Accuracy was quite good and performance seemed ideal, until we took them to war! Quickly found out that 9 MM just didn't stop the fight! Some one pulled some strings and got us a run of Colts second gen Deltas in the then pretty new 10 MM and we had an awesome fighting gun at that point! Just had to learn to shoot correctly and conserve ammo and perfect reloads, but they really preformed well! Like the Marines later with the GCB series, our Deltas were very tight and required a lot of break in, but once they had been worn in, they were as reliable as any. Our armorors serviced each unit individually so that major parts didn' get swapped from one to a other, and that really helped! Sadly, they took those ( me thinks some French Admiral was the reason for that, claimed they were too powerful or some such) and we got our first Blocks G17 if memories serve correctly, and they ran wonderfully, but were so damn blocky that they were hard to carry, and the front sights kept falling off, took a while to get them working right, but they served well enough, but were never as accurate as the 1911s in any flavor! My best quals were with the 1911 Deltas, and later when we got the tail end trials of the CQB order for the "New" 1911s! We didn' have any real issues with them, maybe what ever happened to later versions wasn't part of our issue pieces! They were Ceracoated with some special anti wear additive, made a cleaning real slick, just a wipe down and a chemical flush was about it, every now and then a bore brush was all it required! Sure do miss those Deltas though, made a fella feel good having one strapped on and ready with 3 spare mags, knowing that 10 MM was going to put the hurt on any thing that you hit!
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  16. Brokor

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    I'm not sure why they didn't go with the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 originally, but the Sig P320 with its modularity is pretty impressive, so I am thinking it was a long term concept.

    I think the real reason they went with the Sig is the fact that they can interchange parts and easily repair and replace everything with ease, and it's only the modular trigger unit chassis inside the lower (and easily removable) which is serial numbered and controlled. You can literally customize the entire handgun this way and it becomes very simple for armorers to inventory and maintain. You can also swap calibers as well as set up various configurations. There are no problems I am aware of, this is a sound weapon system.
  17. ochit

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    As long as the bugs get fixed the SIG should be fine. if I am not paying for it as long as it works I don't care. Should it be my dollars on the line make mine 1911 in 9MM or 45 ACP SIG P225 in 9MM or a Hi Power in 9MM.
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