Arsenal discovered at French terror suspect's home

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tikka, Mar 25, 2016.

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    If that is considered an "arsenal" them boys ain't never been to Texas... Down there, it would be considered a starter kit.

    That said, it is likely the weapons pictured were capable of full auto operation. Never a good deal on an urban street...

    Interesting bit on the guy being former FFL.
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    "Obama dances while Brussels burns: President and Michelle take to the floor to TANGO during glitzy state dinner in Buenos Aires as he ignores calls to come home in wake of terror attacks

    Obama traveled to Buenos Aires to meet new Argentine leader Mauricio Macri following his visit to Havana, Cuba
    President was pictured Wednesday night at a state dinner with wife Michelle and Argentine first lady Juliana Awada
    There he danced the tango and sipped champagne, ignoring calls to return home after the Brussels terror attack
    Nine Americans were among hundreds wounded during a triple suicide bombing in the Belgian capital that killed 34
    Obama stated earlier in the day that ISIS does not pose an 'existential threat' to the U.S. and appealed for calm
    See more of the latest news updates on the Brussels terrorist attacks at"
    Obama dances the tango in Argentina while ignoring calls to come home

    Betcha we don't read that in our media..............
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    The religion of peace unfolds for the world to see.
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    Much of Europe is the perfect soft target, while the police and military are heavily armed, the people are not and if you hit a place without an armed presence, the toll is high. The total for a single armed man in one event may well be the one in Norway who killed 77 and the antigun laws in England and Australia were aimed at curbing gun violence in schools. Both in situations where the person had adequate time to do as he wished before the late arrival of an armed force. If we, and Europe, can not stop illegal immigration and drugs, how do they think they are going to stop terrorist? If you can't solve a problem, use it to get your own agenda passed and say "it's for the public good and you have to give up some of your rights". Must say he had good taste in his choice of equipment and whoever armed him got good equipment, full auto or not. Wonder why he didn't have a vest though. Maybe looking forward to the virgins and not fighting another day.
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    A lot of that pile consists of toys, not real weapons. I would bet the toys were used for muscle memory drills in preparation for acquiring the real thing (MP5SD as an example).

    The Europeans have been so neutered as to be fearful of that; they would have a heart attack seeing the real piles over here.
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    Yeah, he must have been planning to travel light ---
    Funny, isn't it, that this guy was operating right under the nose of the "authorities?"
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    I would consider a shotgun, AK-47, AR-15 AND AMMO a pretty good start. I like his ammo belts for the Shotgun ammo.
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    I wonder how often He went out to the Range and practiced, A ReLoading Sequence, and Fast Firing the Shotgun, Again.... or Jam Clearing the Rifles, without a Magazine change???
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    Yeah, that's what fits behind the truck seat for hog hunting.
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    I no longer have an arsenal then. We have two good shotguns, two good bolt action 30-06 rifles, one good AR-15 , One good lever action 30-30, One old 740 30-06 rifle, two good .22 rifles and two .22 pistols. Ammo is the key for us. Stacking that stuff deep is more important then having 25 guns.

    Again , I like his ammo belts for the shotgun. He also had extra shells on the stock. I like his thinking . If you are going to use a Shotgun you need the ability to keep that thing fed. It looks like he covered that pretty well. I didnt see a lot of magazines for his rifles. Looks like he had a couple for each rifle. Must have been in the vest/pack. I have 9 round cartridge holders that pull over the stocks for our bolt guns and the lever action but need 50 round belts to be better prepared with extra ammo. This guy seemed to be pretty well set up. He would not have been able to carry everything there as it was.
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    Once upon a time, before an altercation with 3 thieves, I made up a cartridge belt for my 30-30. The night of the event came after the night of a vehicular break in. They were dumb enough to come back for a clean out of the truck.

    A 30-30 was the original Civilian Assault Rifle and with the addition of a cartridge belt is still effective.
  14. Kingfish

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    Any tube fed weapon pump or lever/bolt actions does the owner good to have belts of ammo at the ready. The old bandito method of criss crossed ammo belts comes to mind.
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