As a Conceal Carry Individual- What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    Police: 3 Minors Point Gun At Man, Woman In North Philadelphia « CBS Philly

    If you were approached by these kid's on the street in the situation portrayed in the video (link)- how would you react and why. If you are carrying a concealed weapon, we carry extra responsibility in our actions as we may take the life of an innocent and may be liable. Curious how some would handle the circumstances above bravado saying they would cap them.... hard call when you are not sure if it is a pellet gun or a real threat and worth a convo regarding reactions and going to full on response with your weapon...
  2. tacmotusn

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    I think the police or city spokesperson summed it up pretty well. If there was a patrol car going by who saw this, there would have been a disaster. (I think that is post 9/11/2001 cop speak for one dead stupid perp).
    Real guns are now colored in a rainbow of colors such as blue, pink, red, yellow or whatever. Toys in some cases were mandated to have a red barrel tip to signify it being a toy. I have seen news stories where real guns were modified with red tape to disguise their leathality (this would possible cause a LEO to hesitate and maybe lose his or her life). Also I have seen news stories where a toy gun was spray pained black to make it seem more real (these were poor dumb starter crooks who couldn't afford a real gun, and too stupid to know where to steal one), (actually these idiots need to be removed from the gene pool). jmho
    In the dark with threats, display, and intent to rob I am not going to ask if that is a real gun. You figure out the rest.
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  3. Clyde

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    There is a very limited description in the article of the males. If we are supposed to protect ourselves, who come we don't know if the group of males were white, black, hispanic, Pacific Islander or Native American so we can actually know.

    It is really starting to piss me off that the media is protecting race in their reporting.
  4. ghrit

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    At night, all cats are grey. Pull a gun, pay the price. Day or night, white, black, yellow or polka dotted, I see the gun, not the color, size, or age of the holder.

    I'm with you, Clyde, except it isn't only the media that have conferred protected status on the denizens of (say) downtown Atlanta. The media just repeats what they are fed by the loudest, most common, pie hole in any given area. YMMV.
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    killshot. killshot-6. This is a camera called the "kill-shot" I have tried linking to it, with so success. It can be found by putting "kill-shot" in the search window at the top right of the page. Please make sure to read the comments. it pertains to misidentifying a "gun".Gizmag | New and Emerging Technology News
  6. Beano

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    Hard to say. It's a tough balance, taking the time to develop the situation, and not letting enough time pass for the perp to get the jump on you. As stated, you have to draw and put on a serious show of intimidation. I'm assuming it could be inferred that this was indeed a child; if that was the case, then one could likely de-escalate the sitch if you presented yourself as someone very serious and willing to go the distance.

    The way it reads, this kid was put up to it as a sort of gang initiation or test of some kind.
  7. ghrit

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    Worth noting, maybe, is that Philly is the only city in PA where carry is illegal, period. I don't think you can get a CCW with a Philly address, and even PA issued CCWs are not (to my knowledge) honored in that great city. Those kids might be alive today because of that.
  8. kellory

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    It was kids, that recently shot a woman's baby in the face as it slept. They are MORE dangerous, not less. They may be less accurate, but more likely to pull the trigger.
  9. Beano

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    Like young scorpions.....good point. Near-zero rational thought and no recognition of boundaries.
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  10. Yard Dart

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    Bad parenting and the break down of the family unit produces kids with no recognition of boundaries......

    As society decays, the more and more we are going to see these types of stories...and some kid is going to get taken out accidently. What is the cure to this decay- not sure- but they could start with some discipline [whipem] in homes , stop letting kids watch violent movies, less video game time [ghrit] , get back to this [flag]in our classrooms, take a knee for some prayer and maybe keep the family together with not so many single parent households- to many kids now days with out both parents to teach them right from wrong.......
  11. Seacowboys

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    I don't especially like kids to begin with and certainly think that there are enough in the oven to replace the few genetic anomalies that get themselves killed doing stupid things. Just don't have it in me to care if a few more get removed from the gene-pool.
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  12. mysterymet

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    Used to be that you couldn't carry in Philly with a PA
    LTCF but that was ruled to be against the state constitution so now you can. They have posted a bunch of "gun free zones" though. Hard but not impossible to get a LTCF in Philly. They use every excuse to deny application but when pushed the law abiding usually get their permit eventually. Now out where I live. Its 20 minutes and $20. Our sheriff is a big constitutionalist.
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  13. natshare

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    Stupid kids need to be taken behind the wood shed and taught a valuable life lesson.....but I guess we all know that will never happen!
    Years ago, there was a cop sent to investigate a report of an armed person roaming around the bad (poor) part of San Francisco (if I remember right). He got a description of the alleged perp, and started walking around the neighborhood, to see what he could see. As he patrolled on foot, someone showed themselves with a distinct pistol shape held in their hand, but standing in the shadows, the cop couldn't tell who it was......after ordering the person 3 times to drop their weapon, the police officer had no choice but to open fire on the person, when it appeared they were raising the gun to point at him.

    The perp in question was an 11 year old boy, with a toy gun, outside playing at 11:30 at night.

    Luckily, the cop and the kid were the same skin color, or there's no telling what may have occured after that. The cop was cleared of any wrong doing and returned to patrol. But I'm sure that, to this day, the nightmare of killing a child haunts him.
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